2021 Bullet Journal

The first few posts of 2021 have been about setting myself up for a new year of reading and reflecting on the last year, and I wanted to finish that off by sharing my Bullet Journal set up and January spreads before a more normal blogging schedule resumes.

As always, my journal is a Leuchtturn 1917. This colour is Port Red and when not in the dim lights of a Christmas tree, it’s a very deep red wine colour. I love it. I went for the regular dotted journal this year, not the specific bullet journal branded one (this one has a lot of pages in that I don’t personally find useful, so the standard journal works better for me). The front is decorated with a gorgeous sticker from Steampunk, my favourite coffee roasters.

The inside of this year’s journal is much simpler than last year’s. I found that there were a lot of things that I didn’t use, maybe because of the pandemic and lockdowns, or maybe just because they weren’t things I needed.

The first two spreads are art and quote pages. The first is a black and white view of a forest looking up towards the sky and the quote “This is the beginning of anything you want”. The second is a blue swirly background with a drawing of a hand holding flowers, leaves and planet shapes, with a quote that says “Be brave enough to find the life you want and courageous enough to chase it”. Both quotes are thoughts I want to channel going into the new year.

I have kept in some pages to record “adventures“; I’m being cautiously optimistic that there will be some opportunity to venture out again this year, but if not, I will use it as a space to record the little local things we get up to this year. I love how this has turned out with the torn brown paper and the footprint image. It’s probably my favourite spread so far.

Next comes my books / TBR pages. I’ve kept the header page simple. I’m going to add a colour code to it as the year progresses with a colour to fill in each of the backlist books I read in any given month. I’ve tried to make the bookcases look a little fancier this year, and I have filled in every book I own at the start of 2021. I have left a number of blank books in the later pages of these spreads so I can add any books I haul and don’t read immediately – this caught me out last year as I ran out of space!

The final spreads of my yearly set up are the blog pages. Again, I’ve kept the header page plain; I may add to this as the year goes on with some artwork, but I’m happy with the lettering for now. The calendars are the same as always with a square for each day of the year that I can fill in planned and scheduled blog posts. I must remember this year to only complete these in pencil until I have finalised them as last year’s ended up looking like a redacted information request!

January Spreads

I started January with a simple design; patterns using purple and blue colours and separated by patterned blank and white lines and simple lettering. I left these until just a couple of days before the new year, and wasn’t really feeling inspired, but I’m pleased with how these pages have turned out.

First is a double paged spread featuring my calendar, to do list, and habit trackers. I’ve kept the calendar and to do list quite small since not a lot is going on and we’re in Tier 4 lockdown here! I’ve also stripped back my trackers to a few things that I want to track because they help my health and wellbeing – I’m trying this year to reduce the amount of things I track, because last year it became something I was doing for the sake of it, rather than something I benefitted from.

After that are my reading pages. I have space to write in this month’s TBR chosen by Sarah, other books I read, any books I add and then an extra space that I’m thinking of recording the progress I make with my reading goals.

I’ve added a space to record a monthly tarot spread, just a simple one, but reading my cards is something I want to do more consistently this year, and a monthly spread seemed like a good place to start honing that skill. I’ve then set up some pages with a short space for thoughts and reflections on each day. I’ve no idea how these will work or whether they’re something I’ll continue in future, but they’re something I want to try.

Finally is my trusty happy page spread to record things that make me happy. These pages have been a lifeline over the last year with everything that 2020 brought upon us, and I want to keep that going!

Do you keep a bullet journal? What spreads do you include in your annual set up? If you share your journal online, please link me to it, I love looking at what other people do with their journals!

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  1. I keep way too many journals at the moment! I have my bullet journal, my blog journal/planner, my reflections journal, my reading journal and a work journal too! I’m an absolutely chaotic mess, but I kinda like having them to come back too. I love your journal spreads Charlotte and can’t wait to see what it will look like for the rest of the year!

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