Books with the Boy: Rock Bottom by Ross Montgomery

Hello everyone and happy new year. Today me and mum are sharing our review of Rock Bottom by Ross Montgomery which was sent to us by Barrington Stoke.

About the Book

Nick is truly, madly in love with Jessie Stone. And she doesn’t even know his name. In a ploy to win her heart, he plans to star alongside her in the school production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. But when he’s cast as the foolish Bottom instead of the romantic lead, his whole world comes crashing down. Enter Robyn, school mischief-maker, who has some crafty tricks up her sleeve. With her help Nick is sure he can get Jessie to notice him just as long as his grand plans don’t go up in smoke … A laugh-out-loud comical caper of friendship, true love and a completely disastrous school Shakespeare production from bestselling author Ross Montgomery. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 8+

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My Review:

Rock Bottom is about a boy who was in love with another student who was leaving after the Christmas play and he wanted to be Demitrius or Lysander in the play with her but ended up being cast Bottom. So then for he tries to wreck the play so that he will be able to get cast as one of the main characters but it all goes a bit wrong. I liked the bit where the main character finally admits to the play director what he had done and was honest. I thought it was quite funny because a lot of the things he does to ruin the play are really stupid. My favourite character was Frank because he tries to stop Nick from doing stupid things and ruining the play. I think that lots of children like me would enjoy this book especially if they know about A Midsummer Night’s Dream because then they will know all about the play that is happening. I would give this book 5010 stars out of 10.

Mum’s Review:

I am a grown adult and this book made me snort and laugh all the way through. Nick is an adorable disaster. He is so dramatic when he is cast as Bottom in the school play, and everything he sets out to do to rectify this goes horribly wrong in the funniest ways. I loved the way A Midsummer Night’s Dream was built into the novel; S studied this at school a few years ago (and dressed as Bottom!) so he remembered the plot of the play and that added to his experience of the book. It also gave us an opportunity to talk about the things Nick does in the book, and about how we shouldn’t behave towards someone we love, as well as facing up to our mistakes. Mostly, it made us laugh. A lot. This is a brilliant book and one I think a lot of young readers and their parents will enjoy.

Thank you for reading my review and I will be back soon with another post.

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