Coffee and… A Happy January

As this post goes live, it will be my birthday. I am not a person who makes a huge fuss of birthdays, though there is always nice food involved, and today it coincides with some time off work where I plan to sit in bed with coffee and read. This year hasn’t got off to the best start, but I think that makes it more important to find the little joys in life, so join me in a coffee whilst I reflect on some of mine from this month so far?

The Coffee:

This week, we are drinking even more of Steampunk’s Bale Mountain coffee. I love Ethiopian coffees so much, and I will be sad when this one runs out.

The Happy Things:

A new year walk on the beach. Finding hagstones. Playing family friendly Cards Against Humanity. Yoga. Coffee. Blogging again. Headspace meditations and sleep casts. S baking the Great British Bake Off chocolate cake. Weekend brunch. Playing basketball with the boys. School closing so we all felt slightly less anxious about the virus. My friends. The book bitchezzz. Cooking new recipes. Hot chocolates made with hazelnut milk. Afternoon naps. S cracking on with his remote learning like a superstar. Re-watching Line of Duty. Taking time to read. New hooded cardigan from Husband. Productive days at work and opportunities to be involved in new things. My electric blanket. Takeaway tacos. NYA Lit Fest online events. S joining in with kids events for NYA. Creating maps with Vashti Hardy. Creating creatures with Liz Flanagan. Listening to S chuckle away at Guy Bass. Friends who give you good advice and help you rescue your plants. Puppy cuddles. Nana feeling slightly better and being sat up chatting and laughing. Making plans for birthday food. Curling up under a weighted blanket at the end of the day. My lovely friends. Brilliant books.

Let me know what things have been making you happy so far this year? And what you’re doing to keep yourselves sane and well

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