ThursTag: The Birthday Book Tag

Yesterday was my birthday, today is Thursday, so what better tag to share than the Birthday Book Tag. This is another I saw on Aoife’s blog (check out her BookTube channel too)!

Birthday cake: A book with a plot that seems cliché but you adore it anyway.

I’m not sure how to answer this one. I suppose the explorer’s series by Alex Bell have a plot that seems cliché to an adult reader, as adventure stories where the ‘good characters’ get into a difficult situation and have to overcome a ‘bad’ situation, but ultimately come out of the situation okay. The most recent of these I read was Explorer’s on Black Ice Bridge and I loved it.

Party Guests: Your most anticipated book release for this year.

This is such a tough question because there are a lot of releases this year I am excited for, but the one that springs to mind right now is Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart. It has magic, witches, and a deadly alliance and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Birthday Presents: A book that surprised you with how much you loved it.

The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty. This is one that I tried to read some time ago and put aside because I couldn’t get into it. I decided to try it again earlier this year and I flew through it and absolutely loved it. I stayed up way past my bed time to finish it and immediately ordered the second one.

“Happy Birthday” Song: A book that certainly deserved all the hype it got.

Cinderella is Dead by Kaylnn Bayron. This booked seemed to be everywhere on my Tiwtter timeline for a while (that’s where I heard about it). I picked it up as my first book of the year and it did not disappoint. It is a brilliant read, deserving of all the attention!

Happy Music: A book with some very beautiful and truly memorable quotes.

Afterlove by Tanya Byrne. It’s not out until later this year, so I won’t spoil it by sharing quotes. You will just have to trust me that the book is stunning, packed with memorable quotes and beautiful writing, and it stays with you afterwards. If you don’t already have it on preorder, you should correct that.

Getting Older: A book that you read a long time ago, but you think you would appreciate more if you read it as a more mature reader.

I often wonder about going back to read The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper. This one a favourite series of mine as a child and I am intrigued to see if I would love it as much now as I did then. But also, it was quite a dark and complex fantasy series and I do think I would have a completely different perspective and appreciate the intricacies more as an adult reader.

Sweet Birthday Memories: A book that kept you incredibly happy during a sad or demanding period of your life.

2020 would count as a sad or demanding period of my life, yes? One of the first books I read during the first lockdown was Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare. I adore the Shadowhunter series, and being able to escape back into that world whilst the real world was a mess was a true joy.

Have you done this tag? What book from your childhood do you think you would appreciate differently as an adult reader?

4 thoughts on “ThursTag: The Birthday Book Tag

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  1. I think I’m going to try Dark is Rising on audiobook. I never read it growing up but tried it a couple of years ago and couldn’t get inyo it so DNF’d it, but it continues to niggle at me to try it again!
    I’m also very intrigued by Witches Steeped in Gold – I’ve not heard of it before, but you had me at witches!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really loved Dark is Rising when I was younger, but I’m not sure if it would stand up now. I’m definitely intrigued to try it again. I’ve heard amazing things about Witches Steeped in Gold – but I’m sold on anything with Witches in the title.

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