Six for Sunday: Bookish Hates

It’s time for another #SixforSunday with the wonderful Steph. It’s also the last one of this month’s theme All About Booooooks, and today’s prompts is Bookish Hates. Here are some of mine:

1. Twists that come from nowhere. I can’t bear it if there’s a twist in a book and nothing leading to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good twist that shocks me and I don’t see coming, but I wants to be able to look back and see that there were some hints or little clues that lead to this moment.

2. Characters with no personality. I can forgive most things in a book, but not flat characters with no real personality. I want a character I can get involved in and root for, or detest, or just a character I feel something for and want to know more about.

3. All plot and no character. Characters are a huge part of any book for me. I can love a book with little plot and a lot of character development, but never the other way around. If a book is all plot, however good, but I can’t get on board with the characters, I’m out.

4. Books that don’t make me feel anything. I don’t care what the feeling is, and I don’t need to be euphoric or sobbing my heart out, I just need a book that makes me feel something whilst I’m reading it. And my favourites are those where the feelings stick around for a while after.

5. Information dumping. Does anyone enjoy this in a book? I don’t instantly DNF a book for this, but I will often skim read those sections of the books to get to the good stuff. I find it really dull to read and I just want to be in the story, not reading long info dumps.

6. Stilted / akward dialogue. I find this really off putting. I don’t mean the kind of awkward dialogue where the characters are awkward little cinnamon rolls (I love that), I mean the kind where it doesn’t sound like the way that character would speak. I find it very jarring.

What things would make your bookish hates list?

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  1. I want to change my list to your six! Foreshadowing is so important, I love getting to the twist and then realising all those little hints and clues that pointed to it. Characters are everything – if I don’t fall in love with them then I don’t love the book.

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