Book Review: Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

"You know the story as well as anyone. If we are diligent, if we know the passages, if we honor our fathers, we might be granted the things Cinderella was." "And if we do all those things and nothing happens - no fairy godmother appears, no dress, no shoes, no carriage - then what? Do... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday: Books You Wish You’d Read in 2020

Sunday can mean only one thing: #SixforSunday with my marvellous friend Steph . This month is All About Booooooks, and today's prompts is Books You Wish You'd Read in 2020. That would be all the books. Every single one. But since that's not an acceptable #SixforSunday response, here's some actual answers: 1. Tilly and the... Continue Reading →

ThursTag: 2020 Reading Habits Survey

For today's ThursTag, I'm sharing the 2020 Reading Habits Survey. I planned to be done with 2020 by now, but then I saw this over on Aoife's blog Pretty Purple Polka Dots (Aoife is also one of my favourite BookTubers, so check our her channel if you're not subscribed already!) 2020 Reading Stats Number of... Continue Reading →

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