Six for Sunday: Books That Made You (Almost) Cry

I can't believe it's the last Six for Sunday of February already and the last of Steph's Books that made you FEEL prompts. I appear to have messed up by making last week's books ones that made me cry, and there really aren't many left, so this week I'm sharing the rest of the books... Continue Reading →

A Bookish February

I honestly don't know how we're at the end of another month already, but here we are. Well, 2021 continues to be...interesting... doesn't it? The end of January was a particularly grim time for me, we had some less-than-great news in February and I was unwell after I reacted badly to some medication that was... Continue Reading →

ThursTag: The Evermore Book Tag

Last week, I shared my answers to the Folklore Book Tag, so this week it had to be the Evermore Book Tag. I found this on The Biblioshelf's blog. Rules: Link back to the original creator’s post: Ahaana @Windows to WorldsTag at least 5 people: I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you fancy... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… A (Birthday) Book Haul

Today I am sitting down with my coffee to share the books I have acquired most recently. Join me? The Coffee: This week, we're drinking a coffee from Workshop roasters. The Jorge Tapia from Ecuador has tasting notes of cherry blossom, apricot and boiled sweets, and it's delicious! The Books: I'm going to preface this... Continue Reading →

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