Six for Sunday: Books that made you FEEL

Firstly, how on earth is is the end of half term already? I feel cheated. It’s been (unsurprisingly) a very quiet week off but still gone far too quickly. Continuing February’s #SixforSunday theme Read it and Weep! and this week Steph is asking us to shared six books that made us FEEL. I am not a person who has huge emotional responses to… well, anything really, but I suspect this list will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.

1. Afterlove by Tanya Byrne I cannot have a list of books that made me feel and not include this book which I read an advanced copy of last year. It is absolutely amazing and if it’s not already on your radar look it up immediately and get it ordered. It somehow managed to make me cry both happy and sad tears and utterly break my heart. It was one of those books where the feels were so much I had to keep putting the book down to breathe before I could read on.

2. Hold Back the Tide by Melinda SalisburyIf you have read this book, you know. That last chapter destroyed me in so many different ways. From the moment Alva discovers the thing to the last sentence, I was reading through tears. I’m pretty sure at that point my messages to Mel were incomprehensible whining. I also went back and read it again, slightly hoping that I had misread what happened. I had not.

3. And the Stars Were Burning Brightly by Daniella JawandoOh. This book. This one made me feel so many things, definitely a lot of disgust and anger, but also real sadness that made me cry in public (something that almost never happens). It did worry Steph as she was reading the book at the same time and slightly behind me, and she knew as soon as I cried it was going to absolutely destroy her.

4. Venom by Bex Hogan – “Oh Captain”. That scene. This series. My HEART. I don’t know what feelings I was having at the end of this book but I do know that I was really pissed off Steph wasn’t awate, and that I woke husband up as I threw the book across the room trying to process them. I am still living in some kind of denial and firmly hoping that I did not read what I thought I read at the end of this book. Vulture cannot arrive in the world soon enough.

5. Spark by Alice Broadway – This whole series made me feel a lot of things to be honest. I named Spark particularly, as there is a scene in Spark that I have a tattoo based on, which utterly breaks my heart every time I read it, even more so now that the friend I had the matching tattoo with an I have parted ways, much like Leora and Verity at that point of the story. Leora’s entire story is a whole rollercoaster of feelings from start to finish.

6. Fierce Fragile Hearts by Sara BarnardI could never list books that made me feel things and not include Suze’s story. Suze has my whole heart. This book gave me all the feelings, I was so annoyed with the people around her, so angry at her parents and her brother, inconsolably upset at that one part particularly (if you know, you know). As Steph has just this moment reminded me, I talked about this one making me feel things for WEEKS. I’m having a few feels now just thinking about it.

What books would make it to your list of books that gave you feelings? Have you read any of the books on my list?

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