Coffee and… A Happy February

Apparently it’s almost the end of another month. The end of January turned out to be a crappy time for me for a few reasons, so I didn’t think I would have much to share in a “happy” post this month, but I was pleasantly surprised. Join me in a coffee whilst I look at the good things that have happened this month?

The Coffee:

This week, we’re drinking Migoti Hill, a coffee from Birudni (roasted by our faves at Steampunk) with black cherry and floral tasting notes. It’s definitely the cherry that comes through for me.

The Happy Things:

Having friends in my world that respect and love me for who I am, and who are always in my corner. Letting go of things and people that aren’t good for me. My Book Bitchezzz. Pals who make cult jokes with me to make me laugh. Friends who send me dog pictures and dog videos. Work days that fly by. Making more time to read. Gorgeous flowers from my favourite pal. Getting to the end of a ridiculously busy week. Sleep. Pals who reassure me when I’m having a wobble. S’s little book club. Personal training sessions from my sister (never thought I’d find those enjoyable). Brunch (even if it is cooked at home). Husband. Planning secret bookish things. Chats with authors. Plants, plants, and even more plants. Getting in touch with old friends I’ve not spoken to in a while. Peach squash (discovered this in lockdown one and I’m still obsessed). New purple hair! Cleaning out the bad vibes. Getting my books back. Potato TikTok – well potatoes in general, let’s be honest. A shiny new colourful clicky clack keyboard for my work desk. Snow! Sledging with S. Catching and photographing snowflakes. Nana getting her first Covid injection. Being accepted onto a work apprenticeship programme. Having a week off work. Long walks with my boys. Chips by the seaside. Making a new crow friend. DIY cook at home pizzas from a local pizza restaurant. WandaVision. A visit to the sea. Afternoon snoozes. Seeing friends from a distance. Tentatively hopeful news.

What things have been making you happy this month?

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