Coffee and … A Bookish March

I feel like I say this every month but I genuinely can't believe it's the end of another month already and time to share a wrap up! Join me in a coffee (or tea this month - shock I know) whilst I look at the books that I read in March. The Coffee: Okay, I'm... Continue Reading →

Books with the Boy: The Dragon Mountain Book Tag

Hello everybody and today I have made a book tag about one of my favourite book series called Dragon Mountain by Katie and Kevin Tsang. There are no rules for the tag but I would really like it if you would do the tag and share it with other people so that I can see... Continue Reading →

Coffee and … A Happy March

I am genuinely confused that it's already time for another of these posts. How are we a week away from the end of another month? Anyway, today I am sitting down with my coffee to reflect on some happy things from the month of March. The Coffee: Today we are drinking another coffee from the... Continue Reading →

ThursTag: The Spring Book Tag

It's Thursday again, and honestly, I am glad of that. This week has been crazy busy for me and I am ready for a rest. Today I am sharing The Spring Book Tag, which I saw over on Sara Letourneau's blog whilst looking for a lovely spring tag to share. 1. What’s on your Spring... Continue Reading →

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