Books with the Boy: Life of Riley by Simon James Green

Hello everybody and today I am doing a review about Life of Riley by Simon James Green and also my idea for the swimming pool competition. Mum is also doing her review but mine is obviously going to be the best because she doesn’t even have any ideas for the swimming pool competition.

Riley is cursed. No, really! After a fairground incident – TOTALLY not his fault – bad luck follows Riley everywhere, causing disaster after disaster. It’s got so bad that no one wants to go near Riley, including his teachers! But when new student Brad Chicago shows up, Riley quickly realizes that Brad is the human equivalent of a good luck charm. Can Brad’s good luck cancel out Riley’s bad luck? Or is this yet another recipe for disaster?

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My Review:

Life of Riley is about a boy who thinks he has been cursed at the fair and then lots of bad things start to happen, and one day he meets Brad Chicago and they become friends and get into lots of silly adventures together. I liked that there was so much humour in this book and me and mum were always laughing when we were reading it. My favourite bit was on the waterslide where Riley still had his safety helmet on but he had lost his swimming trunks. Riley is very funny but Brad was my favourite character because he is very cool and doesn’t do as many stupid things. It made me a bit sad when I thought they were not going to be friends any more and also when Twinkle the rabbit went missing. But I liked the way that it ended. I would give this book 101,362 stars out of 10. It was brilliant.

My Swimming Pool Idea:

I would call mine the dog pool and it would have a waterslide with paw prints on it and the edges of the pool would be covered in soft material that looks like dog fur but is not made of dogs. And in the pool would be lots of dogs to play with and a racing lane. And if you race a dog and you win the dog, then you can choose a dog to take home.

Mum’s Review:

I love Simon James Green’s writing. I am a huge fan of the Noah books particularly, and Life of Riley has similar vibes with a poor little cinnamon roll getting into all kinds of ridiculous and hilarious situations. I adore the friendship between Brad and Riley; they are very different in a lot of ways, but they get on so well and have a gorgeous relationship. I thought it was particularly good to see them working through an argument, as this gave S and I a chance to talk about managing difficulties in your friendships and how to resolve them. We also talked about other very important things, like not emptying the spice cupboard into the bath and then forgetting about it, and how eating huge chunks of raw cabbage will give you a very bad stomach. S and I really loved this one, and I genuinely enjoyed it as much as he did; one for adults and kids alike. I really hope we get to see more of Riley and Brad in the future.

Let me know if you are going to read this book and what would be your idea for making a brilliant swimming pool?

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  1. I am definitely going to read this (one day…!)

    When I was younger I dreamed of having a house with big waterslides into a swimming pool instead of stairs and tubes to swim to different rooms instead of hallways etc. I didn’t really think through what would happen when all the rooms filled with water though so maybe my swimming pool idea is a work in progress!!

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