Coffee and … My March Bullet Journal

I haven’t posted for a few days as I’ve been recovering from having my Covid vaccine (the tiredness and the arm ache are REAL, but I’m glad to have had it and not be suffering too badly). I’m back today with my March Bullet Journal spreads. Join me in a coffee?

The Coffee:

This week, we are drinking another Clifton coffee. The Kenyan Doondu has tasting notes of lavender, frangipane and tangerine. I love Kenyan coffees and am thoroughly enjoying this one.

The Journal:

Let’s be honest, nothing is going to be as good as my February journal, but I’m still happy with how this month’s turned out. I went for a plant theme for March (and it seems just about everyone with a bullet journal has done plants this month). I’ve used some watercolour green washes with ink drawings of leaves over them. I don’t know that it turned out exactly like it was in my head, but I don’t hate it.

First up is my title page. I kept this relatively simple with some different shades of green, different leaves and some fancy lettering. Then I have my month calendar: I’ve kept this quite small still as there’s still not a significant amount of activity happening. I added dropped shadows in green to the date boxes (which you can just about see), and then my six habit trackers for this month. I really want to get back to more running and yoga this month, but as on today I’ve managed 2 exercise sessions in total, so I don’t know that that’s going to happen.

My interesting addition this month was the little half pages / flaps / leaves (I do not know the official name) that I have added between pages. Here was an attempt at a leaf shape for my To Do List. On the other side (badly photographed) is my Tarot page, which just has the four boxes for my monthly cards with some string of hearts leaves in the background.

Following that is my Reading Page which is just a simple leaf doodle, some fancy lettering and space to write my TBR for the month. The leaf / flap / whatever it is called here is for me to write on books I add to my shelves this month and books I read that aren’t on this month’s official TBR. After that (and apparently not pictured because I forgot) are my weekly spreads to just jot whatever notes in. These are really simple pages, with an outline shape and a few little leaves around the edges.

My favourite bits of this month’s journal are the little quotes leaves / flaps / whatever we’re calling them. There are two in between my weekly spreads, and I’ve put a quote on each side along with some dried flowers from the flowers my best friend (Steph) sent me in Feb to cheer me up and congratulate me. I wanted to keep them so I added them to this month’s journal with some quotes about change, and growth, and friendship.

Do you bullet journal? What theme did you do for March?

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