Books With The Boy: My Little Book Haul

Hello everybody and today I am sharing the latest books that I have bought and pre-ordered.

Boot: The Creaky Creatures by Shane Hegarty

I haven’t read book 2 yet but I loved book one and we are going to start book 2 when I have finished Dragon Legend. It is about a robot and his friends and each book gives him a different mission and adventure. In the first one it was getting back to his owner and I think the second one is defeating an evil robot. In book 3 Boot thinks he is broken because he is having feelings. I am looking forward to reading it.

Bunny vs Monkey by Jamiue Smart

I wanted to get that one because it’s in comic format so it’s like a similar to Dogman that I really like and I really like to read comics. It’s about a monkey and a bunny who are enemies and it looks really funny. I have read a few pages and I really like all the illustrations in it.

How to Grow Up and Feel Amazing: The No Worries Guide for Boys by Dr Ranj

This is one that mum got me because she thought it would be a good book for a bit now and some in the future. It’s a non-fiction book about how to grow up and be healthy and I think it might be alright but not as exciting as the other books.

Dogman: Mothering Heights by Dav Pilkey

This is the new book in one of my favourite series called Dogman and mum has just got the email to say that it is on the way, so I am quite excited. It has lots of great pictures and the characters are funny and always getting into something mischievous.

Dragon Legend by Katie and Kevin Tsang

Everybody should know now that I am a big fan of Katie and Kevin’s books. I am reading this one at the moment because mum got it on Netgalley but I have also pre-ordered the special edition of it to come in the post soon. Book two is very exciting because one of the characters got taken away at the end of the first book.

And that’s all the books I have been getting recently. Tell me what books you have been getting and are you going to read Dragon Legend too?


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