Coffee and … A Happy March

I am genuinely confused that it’s already time for another of these posts. How are we a week away from the end of another month? Anyway, today I am sitting down with my coffee to reflect on some happy things from the month of March.

The Coffee:

Today we are drinking another coffee from the wonderful people at Steampunk (Cath, the owner, has been a genuine ray of sunshine on the internet since the first lockdown, and their coffee definitely helps my happiness levels). The Brazilian Pinot with tasting notes of hazelnut and milk chocolate. It’s a comforting brew.

The Happy Things:

At the moment, it feels as though these lists are getting shorter and harder to write each month. So many of the things on there are the same each time: coffee, my friends and family, my books. There’s not a lot happening just now, but these are the things that keep me sane and grounded and content in the face of this absolute shit show of a year so far.

Sending surprise presents to my pals. Husband attempting to make doughnuts (if I didn’t laugh about it I would scream). S being excited and happy to be back at school. Walks with the boys. Quiet work days to catch up on things and feel more organised. Tidying my office space and having a plant pal in there. Coffee. Going for my first little run in a while. Starting my apprenticeship. WandaVision. My wonderful friends. My little family. Personal training sessions and catching up with my sister. Finding a new brilliant shampoo bar that my hair loves. House plants. Studio 28 Patisserie chocolate. Nachos for lunch. Afternoon snoozes. Great new GF recipes to try. Getting my first Covid vaccination. Catching up on a video chat with my Nana (the first time I’ve seen her face in over a year). Brilliant books. Vulture. Sharing book pain with pals. Readathon preparation. Drag Race (I am late to this party but I am enjoying it a lot). Knitting. My little niece celebrating her 3rd birthday and having a great time. A new series of Line of Duty. Zine post. Daffodils. Sunnier days and lighter evenings. The start of spring.

What’s been making you happy this month?

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