Books with the Boy: The Dragon Mountain Book Tag

Hello everybody and today I have made a book tag about one of my favourite book series called Dragon Mountain by Katie and Kevin Tsang.

There are no rules for the tag but I would really like it if you would do the tag and share it with other people so that I can see all your answers.

1. Dragon Mountain features some special Dragons. What is your favourite fictional creature and why?

My favourite fictional creature is obviously a dragon because they are fierce and they can breathe fire.

2. In Dragon Mountain the characters go into the Dragon Realm through a cave. Can you tell me about another book where the characters enter into another world and how they get there?

In The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day by Christopher Edge, Maisie goes into an alternative reality when she wakes up on her birthday. We read this book at school.

3. Each of the Dragons in the book has their own special hoard of treasures. What would you have in your hoard?

My hoard of treasures would be video games because I love playing them.

4. Each of the characters forms a special bond with one of the Dragons. Can you tell me about a book that has a strong friendship in it?

Boot by Shane Hegarty has got a special friendship in it where Boot is friends with Red and a robodog and ot is special because it is so powerful that it helped them to find Boot’s owner.

5. The characters gain special powers from the pearls that they collect. What power would you choose to have and why?

I would choose to have a magic pearl that helped me to shape shift because if I was in danger I could shift into something small and deadly to get myself out of it.

6. The children and the dragons have to work together to defeat the Noxious. Can you tell me another book where the characters have to defeat something bad?

In My Evil Twin is a Supervillain by David Solomons the main character has to defeat his evil twin.

7. Dragon Mountain has a shocking cliff-hanger ending. What other book shocked you right at the end?

I have just finished reading an early copy of Dragon Legend by Katie and Kevin Tsang and I was so shocked at the ending that I had to go to sit quietly and colour whilst I thought about what had happened.

Thank you for reading my post and please let me know if you decide to do my Dragon Mountain Tag. I would be very excited.

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