Coffee and… My April Bullet Journal

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sitting down with my coffee and sharing my April bullet journal spreads. Join me?

The Coffee:

This week, we’re drinking another from our faves at Steampunk (who we can hopefully visit again soon). The Brazilian Fazenda Caxambu is a creamy coffee with tasting notes of hazelnut and plum.

The Bullet Journal:

This month, I’m co-hosting the Viperthon Readathon with my friends, so I decided to be really extra and design my journal to match. I started by tea staining some pages and pulling out matches to burn the edges, much like I used to at school for history projects. As an adult, setting fire to paper is a much more anxiety-inducing process.

The title page is spread over two pages with a pirate ship and aea creatures. Are they well drawn sea creatures? No. But I enjoyed having a go. The lettering style is one I found with a similar vibe to the lettering from Bex Hogan’s books.

Next up is my double page spread with my calendar, habit trackers, and to do list. There’s not a lot of room left on this page for extra info generally, but the edges seemed to burn a little harder on this page, so I’ve added some waves and left it at that.

Next are my reading pages. They’re a little different this month. I don’t have a TBR chosen by anyone but I was involved in two readathons so I set up a oage for each of those. For Viperthon, I’ve drawn a map of the islands which I am filling in with books as I go. For Series Crackdown, I drew in the prompt square and have filled that in with the books I read. I’ve also added a page for any additional books I read this month (although I’m not really expecting there to be any) and for books I add to my TBR (I have some VERY exciting preorders coming this month).

Last on my photos I have my tarot page, which I drew up as a series of scrolls, and my trusty happy things page which I have just left blank to complete as I go. I did the same for the weekly spreads that I use to write a few lines about each day.

It’s not the most exciting journal I’ve done, but I do like the burnt page effect, even if it does make my book smell weird!

Do you bullet journal? Where do you get inspiration from? What themes/spreads would you like to see me take on in my journal in future?

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