ThursTag: The Dragon Mountain Book Tag

It’s Thursday, and I am ready for the weekend. Today, I’m sharing my answers to S’s Dragon Mountain Book Tag.

1. Dragon Mountain features some special Dragons. What is your favourite fictional creature and why?

My favourite fictional creature is definitely a dragon, especially dragons that can breathe fire. They’re my favourite fictional creatures because I would love to be able to breathe fire, but also they always go on big adventures and they seem so majestic. I’d love to be able to ride on the back of a dragon whilst it was flying over the ocean.

2. In Dragon Mountain the characters go into the Dragon Realm through a cave. Can you tell me about another book where the characters enter into another world and how they get there?

L.D. Lapinski’s The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, which is set in a shop where all the suitcases take you into different worlds. I love the concept of opening a suitcase and stepping through it into another world, and L.D. has created so many amazing worlds in their book that I would love to visit. Book 2 is out today and I cannot wait for my copy to arrive.

3. Each of the Dragons in the book has their own special hoard of treasures. What would you have in your hoard?

My dragon hoard would probably be the same as my real life one: books and crystals. I would sit on top of a mountain of books with crystal jewellery and big crystals sitting around it, and it would be a very happy place to be. I’d probably like there to be some coffee in there too actually. Dragons still need caffeine, right?

4. Each of the characters forms a special bond with one of the Dragons. Can you tell me about a book that has a strong friendship in it?

From the books that I have read recently, I’m going to say Owl and the Lost Boy by Amy Wilson. This is the second in a series and Owl is working through some difficulties in her friendships with her best friend Mallory, and her friend and fellow half-fae Alberic. Their friendships go through some testing times in this second book, but it is the power of that friendship that helps them to succeed.

5. The characters gain special powers from the pearls that they collect. What power would you choose to have and why?

I would love to have the power to transport myself anywhere in the world by just wishing to be there, so that I could visit anyone and anywhere that I wanted to without having to travel for hours to get there. Although, on a more practical level, if there were a magic power that could wipe out covid so that we could visit places safely, then I would absolutely choose that.

6. The children and the dragons have to work together to defeat the Noxious. Can you tell me another book where the characters have to defeat something bad?

In Jungledrop by Abi Elphinstone, twins Fox and Fibber have to learn to work together to defeat the evil Morg who is trying to steal all the power from the Unmapped Kingdoms for herself. Fox and Fibber are used to competing against each other, so it doesn’t come easily to them.

7. Dragon Mountain has a shocking cliff-hanger ending. What other book shocked you right at the end?

Venom by Bex Hogan. It shocked me so much that I swore loudly and threw the book across the room. If you’ve read it, you will know why. If you haven’t read it yet, why not? Do you enjoy having your heart and emotions left in one piece?

I’m not going to tag anyone to do this, but I know S would really love it if anyone took part and shared their answers with us.


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