Six for Sunday: Fictional Islands You’d Like to Visit

Happy Sunday – once again, the weekend is flying by too quickly. Today in #SixforSunday (a weekly prompt from Steph) is Fictional Islands You’d Like to Visit.

1. The Fourth Isle from Vulture by Bex HoganThis month is Viper inspired so Bex has to feature everywhere. But also I’d really like to visit the Fourth Isle as it is at the end of the final book in this trilogy. I feel like it would be a gorgeous and hopeful place to be.

2. Arranmore from The Storm Keeper’s Island by Catherine DoyleI would love to visit the magical island of Arranmore and meet the Storm Keeper and use the magic candles. It sounds like a gorgeous, powerful place, and there are so many great characters there too.

3. The remote island in The Wild Robot by Peter Brown It is wild, remote, and are no people there (bonus). It’s filled with nature and lots of friendly animals willing to help Roz to settle in a build a home for herself. I don’t know that the animals would welcome me and build me a home but I still think I’d like to visit.

4. Crowstone from A Pinch of Magic by Michelle HarrisonDo I think living on a prison island would be fun? Absolutely not. But I do think that it would be an interesting place to visit if I could spend some time with the Widdershins family and their magical gifts.

5. The island from Orphans of the Tide by Struan Murray – I would most likely be the person to get taken over by the Enemy, so I don’t think it would be the most pleasant experience, but I would be fascinated to visit, especially if I got to be there when the boy comes out of the whale.

6. Piloria from The Extinction Trials by S.M.Wilson. Would I be eaten by a dinosaur within minutes of setting foot on this island? Yes. But I would still enjoy the opportunity to see a place that hadn’t been ruined by humans, and where dinosaurs still existed.

Which fictional islands would you want to visit?

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