Coffee and… A Happy April

It’s coming close to the end of another month, so time to share the things that have been making me happy this month. Join me in a coffee?

The Coffee:

This week we’re trying some brand new coffee from Workshop Coffee Roasters. The Rwandan Gitesi by Gahizis is from Karongi in the Western Province of Rwanda. It has tasting notes of vanilla, brown sugar, marmalade and cooked peach.

The Happy Things:

A trip to Studio 28 Patisserie for chocolate treats. The start of Viperthon and Series Crackdown readathons. Listening to S read out loud to himself at bed time. My Keris Stainton original painting arriving…and commissioning two more. Making plans to sort out the garden for summer. Reading sprints and them giving me a push to read more. Trying out new recipes. Sunny spring days! Chocolate. Coffee. Hosting Series Crackdown sprints and having my favourite regulars on my team (hi Cora and Rebecca!). The first Viperthon sprint of the month, which S joined in and sat reading his book quietly with me. Completing the Animal Crossing Bunny Day challenge. S’s Easter egg hunt in the garden. Having a lush Easter dinner with my little family. Line of Duty! Going out for nice walks. Making good progress on the garden (filled two skips and dug out a path and a patio in less than a week). Seeing my best pal in the world after 209 days apart. Having a nice long walk along the coast (even if it was freezing cold). Catching up on all the things! A lovely envelope of gifts from my pal. Donating books to combat some of the hatred in the world. Having a chilled out rest day at home pottering around and reading. A trip up to Morpeth to an ice cream parlour. Movies with S. Husband getting invited for a vaccine (because I am immunocompromised). Beach walks with the dogs. Gluten Free doughnuts that taste good! Getting my new glasses! The Flight Attendant. Caramel cheesecake. Interesting work developments. Becoming the new interim chair of our mental health network.

There’s a lot more there than I thought there would be; it’s been a good month. How’s your April been so far?


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