Six for Sunday : Characters Who Would Make Great Ship’s Captains

Somehow, it is already Sunday again! Today in the last of the Viper #SixforSunday prompts, my excellent friend Steph is asking us to share six characters who would make good ship’s Captains. I really had to think about this prompt a lot, but here are the six I eventually settled on:

1. Raoul from Vulture by Bex Hogan. I said I would include a Bex Hogan book in every Viper themed prompt, but the series is full of people who are already Captains / have been Captains, so choosing someone outside that was hard. I think Raoul would make a great Captain though. He has a commanding presence, people listen to him, he is decisive, and he doesn’t suffer fools.

2. Beatrice Belladonna from The Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow. I think a witch in charge of a ship would be a great plan. Beatrice is the one who balances out her sisters, is the voice of reason, makes measured decisions, and just generally seems to have her head screwed on. Add that to her ability to perform magic and she’d make a winning captain.

3. Red from The Girl in Red by Christina Henry. She is always prepared, she’s brave, she makes quick decisions and isn’t afraid to change her plans, she’s protective and good at looking out for those she feels responsible for, and she’s really bloody handy with an axe. She might have to work on being around other people after being on her own so long, but I think she’d be great.

4. Kelly Porter from the DI Kelly Porter series by Rachel Lynch. Being a Detective Inspector, Kelly is already sort of a Captain in her team, but I think she’d be great on a ship. She’d (hopefully) have less death to deal with, she’d get her crew organised, they’d get things done quickly and efficiently, and she would make sure they were all taking care of themselves properly.

5. Della from Mina and the Undead by Amy McCaw. She’s not the main character, but Della is a big presence in this book. She organises everyone, she’s always there with a plan, a getaway car, and an emergency stake. I think she’d be a quiet Captain, letting people get on with their own jobs, but she’d definitely step in when needed to make sure everything runs to plan.

6. Maggie from The Middler by Kirsty Applebaum. Maggie is such a brilliant, feisty character, and I could definitely see her at the head of a ship. She has a big heart. She makes some poor choices (don’t all Captains?) but she corrects them. She fights injustice where she sees it, she inspires others, and she works hard to make changes happen that benefit the rest of her village.

Which characters do you think would make good Ship’s Captains?


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