Books with the Boy: Madam Squeaker by Pip Jones (illustrated by Paula Bowles)

Hello everyone and today I am sharing a review of a book that was sent to me from Barrington Stoke called Madam Squeaker which is written by Pip Jones and illustrated by Paula Bowles.

About the Book:

Crumbs on the counter, morsels on the floor – there should be plenty of food for Minetta the mouse to eat in Hollyhock House...

But the Ruling Rats are running rampage every night, taking the best of everything for themselves. Minetta has decided that enough is enough – it’s time the rats learn to share. The trouble is, Minetta is so small and her voice just a squeak. How will she ever make them listen…?

My Review:

This is about a mouse called Minetta Squeaker who lives in a house called Hollyhock and every night the rats just go in and steal the humans food, then they go out into the garden and steal the peas. The rats also broke one of the human’s teacups and Minetta was able to use it to be a big big person and shout really loud when she found her voice. And then she was organising everything and teaching the rats how to share. I think the books has an important message to never be selfish and be nice to others and share things. My favourite character was Tan because he was the organiser and he helped Minetta. I didn’t like it when the rats were being selfish because it’s not nice to eat all the food and not share any. I thought the pictures in the book were really good and my favourite one is where Minetta is using the broken teacup to help her shout at the rats. I thought this was really good and I would give it 1071 stars out of 10.

Mum’s Review:

This is a really lovely story with some gorgeous illustrations. It focuses on a mouse called Minetta who is getting increasingly angry about the rats in the house who are ruining things for everyone else. It gave us opportunities to talk about sharing what we have, helping others, standing up to injustice, and using our voice to change things. S really loved the way Minetta’s friends helped her to be brave and stand up to the rats who were keeping all the food for themselves.

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