Viperthon Wrap Up

I can’t believe that month of Viperthon is over already!

I set out with a super ambitious TBR of thirteen books for Viperthon and ***drum roll*** I managed to read them all. Just. You may now refer to me as The Viper.

Viper – A book with snake on the cover

For this, I read Vulture by Bex Hogan. This was a reread for my, but my original comments stand. Devoured this in one sitting and I am a broken husk of the woman I was when I started. I have had emotions, facial expressions and emotional whiplash. My heart has been ripped from my chest…but I loved it. It was no less heart-breaking the second time around.

The First Isle: King’s Isle – a book that features royalty

A gorgeous middle grade story about twin sisters who are denied their royal birthright. It’s packed with adventure, excitement, and gorgeous illustrations. 

The Second Isle: Fallow Isle – A story where a character has to ‘grow’ as a person

An absolutely lush story. I loved how Ghost’s character developed and the choices he made for himself. I really liked his developing relationship with Coach, and his friendships with the others in the track team. I’m looking forward to picking up the other books in this series.

The Third Isle: Black Isle – A book with a black cover

This is a gorgeously written story of grief and loss. Very powerful and emotional. You really feel like you’ve been through it with Lucas and his Nan. I don’t know what I expected from The Wolf Road but it far exceeded my expectations.

The Fourth Isle: Floral Isle – A character who has a floral name 

This was one of my most anticipated books of 2021 and it did not disappoint. I loved the way it took the tarot and modern witchcraft and wove it into a mystery that kept me on my toes to the end. I loved the characters and their relationships and progression. Just brilliant. 

The Fifth Isle: Mist Isle – A book that involves a secret/something hidden

I didn’t think I could love these characters more after the first book, but this was a whole new level. I’m utterly obsessed. This is a new firm favourite series. There were some real shocks in this and I’m going to need the next book now please.

The Sixth Isle: Rock Isle – A character has to face something challenging

Who I Was With Her follows Corrine after the death of her girlfriend of a year, but noone knew they were in a relationship. It explores grief and loss, identity and coming out. It is a quick read, but really emotional and it packs a punch. I loved it. 

The Seventh Isle: Shadow Isle – A book about fear/featuring one of your fears

I love a good vampire story, and this one was brilliant. I loved the setting and the characters. It gave me shivers and at times genuinely scared me. It has romance, betrayals, and some killer twists. What more could you want? 

The Eighth Isle: Snow Isle – A book set somewhere cold

I adored Owl and this world  from the first book in this series, and I loved them even more in this book. I loved seeing Owl repair  her friendship with Mallory, and them working with Alberic to solve the problems being caused by the constant summer. A beautifully written book. I’d love to see more from these characters. 

The Ninth Isle: Blood Isle – A book about siblings or family

Jenny has written a wonderful story that somehow manages to make a story about mental health hilariously funny and heart warming. I absolutely loved this one. 

The Tenth Isle: Fire Isle – A book with fire on the cover/in the title

I am shook. Another brilliant book from Teri Terry. I am obsessed with this series and I cannot wait to find out what happens next for Tabby and The Circle. 

The Eleventh Isle: Song Isle – A book that strongly features music in some way (could be a character hobby, job etc) 

A heartwrenching story of a liberal young black woman living in a very religious, white, conservative suburb whilst learning to live with depression. Brilliantly written, with characters I just wanted to reach through the pages and hug. Highly recommend this one. 

The Twelfth Isle: The Jewel of the West –  book that features magic

For this final prompt I read Jungledrop by Abi Elphinstone. I loved this Unmapped Kingdoms adventure. Fox and Fibber are brilliant characters (Heckle too!) It’s a gorgeous book about family, the importance of living your truth, and the power of kindness, as well as a brilliant jungle adventure. Now if I can just get that magic food spoon, life will be perfect. 

Did you take part in the Viperthon readathon? What rank did you achieve?


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