Six for Sunday : Pastel Covers

Happy Sunday! I’m sat in the sunshine today writing this week’s #SixforSunday. This week, the lovely Steph is asking us to share books with pastel covers. I love pastel coloured covers, but it turns out, I don’t own many books with them. Here are six from my physical TBR.

1. Everyday Angel by Victoria Schwab. I picked this up on my last pre-pandemic trip because I had never heard of it before and I adore Victoria Schwab’s writing. The cover is a gorgeoua pale yellow and green.

2. Murder on the Safari Star by MG Leonard and Sam Sedgeman. I adore this series of train mysteries and I hope to get round to reading this soon. This cover is a really lovely pale yellow.

3. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. This book, with it’s gorgeously pale blue-green cover, has been on my shelf an embarrassingly long time. I bought it on a trip to Carlisle when I’d just started book blogging. Moving swiftly on…

4. Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake. This is one I bought with my birthday vouchers this year. I think it was my friend Martha who recommended it. It is another pale blue cover.

5. What’s the T? by Juno Dawson. If you didn’t know I was a Juno fan, you must be new here. This is going to be such an important book for so many young people. And it has a pastel striped trans flag cover!

6. Detransition Baby by Torrey Peters. This book has been everywhere lately, and yes, I bought it to show support for a trans author getting a lot of hate for being shortlisted for a prize. It has a brilliant pastel pink cover too, so perfect for this prompt.

What pastel coloured books do you have on your shelf?

5 thoughts on “Six for Sunday : Pastel Covers

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  1. Ohh im loving the colors of this stack 🥰 — What’s the T’s being the one that attracts me the most.

    Mh- I rock mainly whites & black covers,, unfortunately. The only pastel I have must be pinks & maybe a few yellows?? Need me more colorful books xp

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