May Bullet Journal

Sharing my bullet journal spreads is not something I usually do on a Monday, but here we are. My blogging schedule has gone a little squiffy with being under the weather the last week or so, but I didn’t want to miss sharing this month’s journal, because I am really pleased with how it turned out. It’s got less pages than usual; this month is crazy busy and I didn’t want to leave lots of unfilled pages, so I’ve stuck with the essentials. May’s journal is inspired by L.D. Lapinski’s brilliant The Strangeworlds Travel Agency books. If you haven’t read them yet, you really must.

L.D’s books are filled with suitcases and magical worlds, so I tried to capture some of that with my journal pages. My title page is a stack of suitcases with rainbow swirls coming out of it. I really like how colourful this page turned out. It’s done in fineliner and colouring pencils, and it looks like I tried to squeeze in as many colours as humanly possible.

My next spread is the page I organise myself with: month at a glance, to do list, and trackers. They are all designed to look like suitcases, although the trackers are a bit wonky. And the additional illustrations are stickers in all different designs, including a pride flag and the trans flag. It’s quite a busy page, but it is working well for me, apart from the two trackers where I drew 8 squares wide instead of 7, but let’s ignore that.

Up next is my reading page. It was supposed to look like the amazing geode butterfly world from The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, but I think we can all agree my geode butterflies look a little more like oddly coloured genitalia. Moving swiftly on… I also added a crystal, signposts with my TBR and my added and read book shelves, and a suitcase leaking out magic. It looked much better in my head than it does here, but I’m not unhappy with it.

Finally, is my happy things page. Whatever is going on in life, and however busy I am, I always make time to write down the little things that make me smile during the month – it’s what keeps me going. This page is a really simple design with a suitcase strap down the side and nothing more, leaving plenty of space for me to write.

And that’s it for another month of bullet journalling. I am quite pleased with how this turned out, and I am looking forward to next month’s theme.

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