Books with the Boy: Albert Upside Down by Ian Brown and Eoin Clarke

Hello everybody and today I am sharing mine and mum’s reviews of the book Albert Upside Down which was sent to us by the publishers (Graffeg) for a review.

About the Book:

Albert the pet tortoise has a problem: trying to reach a tasty treat, he has ended up on his shell, upside down and stuck! Can the other garden creatures overcome their rivalry, team up and help him get back on his feet? Packed with comical, charming illustrations and vibrant colour, this timeless tale shows the power of working together, thinking creatively, and how even the smallest amount of assistance can make a very big difference.

Also included are fascinating facts about real-life tortoises around the world and the author’s pet tortoise called Albert, who inspired this story – a modern-day mini-dinosaur living life on the veg!

My Review:

Albert Upside Down is about about a tortoise called Albert that falls over rock and lands upside down then some animals try to help him to get back up. They were one animal too short then a little butterfly just slotted over landed on Albert’s shell and it was just enough weight to turn him over. And what I liked about it is that the butterfly saw what was happening any knew what needed to be done and wanted to help. What I didn’t like was that the animals that were trying to and get Albert up on his feet were mean to the butterfly and saying they were too small to help. I think young children would really like this, especially the funny bit where Albert farts. I would give this book 52 stars out of 10.

Mum’s Review:

Albert Upside Down is a lovely story about helping others in difficulty. It has a great message that no-one is too small to help someone in need. S loved reading this out loud to me and he laughed when Albert got turned the right way around. This book gave us opportunities to talk about helping others, and about accepting help because everyone can make a difference. I loved the illustrations in this book. S is a bit over the target age (although we are never to old to enjoy a good picture book!) so we also read this story with my three year old niece and 18 month old nephew and they absolutely loved it. Definitely recommended for younger readers!

What are your favourite picture books? Let me know and I will be back again soon with another post.

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