A Bookish May

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This month has been a whole lot. I haven’t blogged much, but I have still been reading. Work has been unbelievably busy and I’ve worked a lot of extra hours. I’ve also had my second covid vaccine, celebrated by 12th wedding anniversary, and been utterly exhausted! I am very much enjoying the bank holiday weekend and looking forward to a day off tomorrow and a trip to the seaside with my best friend. There will be chips, and possibly a bookshop visit.

This month’s TBR was chosen by my friend Tsam. He has the best taste in books and I have enjoyed everything from his list. May was also my last month of coercing friends into choosing my TBR. I started this in May 2018 when Amy and Louise first picked a TBR for me and I’ve managed to find friends willing to keep choosing for me for three years, which is WILD.

reading stats

Number of books read: 12 Pages Read: 3878

StoryGraph Stats: This month I thought I’d share a couple of the StoryGraph graphics along with my stats. In May I read mostly medium paced fiction books between 300 and 499 pages long. The genres I read most of were:

The mood graphic on StoryGraph is always my favourite one (so many colours). The moods of the books I read this month:

Books I Read:

Mina Mistry Sort of Investigates The Case of the Disappearing Pets by Angie Lake: I loved these characters and their story. The mystery genuinely kept me guessing until the end. A new middle grade mystery series for me to love! I’ll definitely be reading more of these, and encouraging S to read them too. 

Dragon Legend by Katie and Kevin Tsang: The boy and I are very much not okay at the end of this book. Another phenomenal story from Katie and Kevin. We loved being back with these kids and their dragons and can’t wait for more. 

The Edge of the Ocean (Strangeworlds Travel Agency 2) by L.D. Lapinski: I didn’t think L. D. could write a book as phenomenal as their first, but here we are. I absolutely adore this world and these characters. Nyfe and Avery are brilliant additions and I love them. The ending has left me desperate for more. Just brilliant. 

The Windsor Knot by SJ Bennett: I just love the idea of the Queen pottering around solving crimes. I really enjoyed this one, the characters are brilliant, the mystery kept me guessing, it was funny and emotional. I’ll definitely be reading more in this series. 

The Fifth – Indoctrinated City by Chris Sykes: Explores a budding revolution against fascist government in a country where hatred is allowed to run free. It is set in York (one of my favourite places) and follows a family torn apart trying to escape finding themselves in two very different camps. I loved the characters. Very action packed, with a great ending. 

Hideous Beauty by William Hussey: This book absolutely broke my heart. It’s a gorgeous story of first love, grief, loss, friendship and trauma. I have no coherent words right now but I am obsessed. Read this one. 

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo: This book is worth all the hype it gets. I loved the world, the characters, the story, and the Darkling. 

Love is for Losers by Wibke Brueggeman: This is a lovely story of friendship, family and romance set mostly in a charity shop. I loved all the characters but Phoebe and Kate especially. I didn’t want to put this one down. 

Piranesi by Susanna Clark: This is one of those books where I’m not clever enough to understand all the intricacies, but which I absolutely loved anyway. Brilliantly written, and one I will definitely read again. 

Punching the Air by Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam: Absolutely brilliant verse novel about a young black man’s experience of being in the prison system for a crime didn’t commit. Thought provoking and packs a real punch. A must-read. 

Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker: If I weren’t already worried about my sleeping habits, I would be after this. A comprehensive and fascinating book about sleep, why we need it, and what happens when we don’t gwt enough. 

Raising Hell by Bryony Pearce: This book has big Buffy vibes, teens getting tied up in the occult, complicated friendships and a main character determined to save the world. I really enjoyed this one. 

challenge updates

Storygraph: 61/100. I am doing very well at this challenge (20 books ahead of where I need to be) although since I started the year with a relatively low goal compared to previous years this might be cheating. I am

Read Diversely Challenge: 10/20. This one is going well. I still need a book written in a language I want to learn to complete my TBR for this, so if you have any ideas let me know!

Diverse Reading Challenge: 11/38. I really should be more ahead of this one since we’re close to half way through the year, but I am currently reading three of the books for this challenge, and there are another three on my June TBR.

TBR: was 112 is now 95. This is a really big deal for me as it means my TBR is under a hundred books for the first time in about 8 years, and I plan to keep it there. It’s also impressive since I went a bit wild in a bookshop and bought 6 books that were not allowed under the rules of my book buying ban. Moving on…

Unread Shelf: 9/24. Clearly I am very behind on this challenge. I have 2 books for this challenge on my June TBR, but I will have to make an effort to read more of these to complete this one before the end of the year.

Beat the Backlist: 28/52. This one is going okay. I have one book from this challenge on next month’s TBR and another that I am half way through reading.

Copy of Coffee and.... (3)

Next month releases I am looking forward to are:

This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron

Monstrous Design by Kat Dunn

The Crackledawn Dragon by Abi Elphinstone

What books are you looking forward to in June? Any that should be on my list?

8 thoughts on “A Bookish May

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  1. May was only 3 books- as in got finished. To Kill a Mockingbird, House in the Cerulean Sea and The Movie Musical

    June- another reread series- Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Started the first book yesterday.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I started Piranesi and it was so weird I had to stop as it just wasn’t what I’d expected at all! But I do want to go back to it, maybe when I’m off next week.
    I might read either Hideous Beauty or The Outrage this month and I need to read some Leigh Bardugo at some point too.
    Happy anniversary and I hope you’re rested and recuperated after a day at the seaside!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m happy for ut to stay weird (I think!) It was just so unexpected I felt I needed to walk away then come back and try again better prepared 😂


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