Books with the Boy: Dragon Legend by Katie and Kevin Tsang

Mum Note: There are spoilers all over S’s review. If you don’t want to see them, I’d suggest avoiding reading this. He’s small, excited, and can’t hold his own water, never mind a secret.

Hello everybody and today I am sharing my review of Dragon Legend by Katie and Kevin Tsang which my mum got approved to read on Netgalley and I stole it to read before she could because I needed to know what happens and she has lots of other books to read so she could wait.

About the Book

Billy Chan and his friends are not having a very relaxing summer. Their friend, Dylan, has been kidnapped by the evil Dragon of Death and it’s up to them to travel through time, back to the dangerous Dragon Realm, in order to save him. Luckily they have their own dragons on side, but they’ll need to collect eight magical pearls if they’re to amass enough power to destroy the Dragon of Death and her followers for good. So begins an epic quest that will take them to the depths of the Frozen Wasteland and the imperial palaces of Ancient China. But can good triumph evil…?

S’s Review

Dragon Legend is a continuation from Dragon Mountain that starts with them all trying to find Dylan. They successfully finding him in a tree and then JJ gets stuck in the tree and only he can get himself out of it again. They have to collect all the power pearls and then see the dragon of death and have an epic battle. What I liked about it was that they were able to defeat the dragon of death and what I didn’t like about it was that Spark turned bad, and the the dragon of death has got them all landed in a future that they tried to avoid. My favourite character is Billy because he’s like the leader and is very encouraging to his friends. My prediction is in the next book (I’m only judging this because of the covers) is that Spark will get made into a good dragon again because I think I’ve seen Billy on the blue dragon which will be Spark and I think they will defeat the dragon of death forever. I would give this book 1, 005,064 stars out of 10 and I have already got the next one pre-ordered.

Mum Review:

If you didn’t already know S was the biggest fan of Katie and Kevin’s work, you must be new here. S jumped at the change to read Dragon Legend a little early when we were approved on Netgalley. He loved the first book and was really excited to dive back into this world (as was I). This book is darker than the first: Spark has to open a portal to the other world where Billy is trapped, but doing so exposes her to dark magic and she wrestles with this throughout the book. JJ was an interesting new addition and taught Billy a lot about friendship. They have to rely strongly on their friendship and working together (sometimes without their Dragons) to collect all the magic pearls needed to save Billy and defeat the Dragon of Death. S was absolutely broken by the ending (he’s already given the big twist away so it will be no surprise what I’m talking about); for the last few chapters of the book he was half hiding behind a blanket Baby’s first “traumatising book ending” milestone well and truly achieved. Well done, and thank you, Katie and Kevin!

I hope you will all be reading this one and that you enjoy it. I will be back again soon with another book review.

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