Coffee and … My Mel Themed June Bullet Journal

It’s time to share this month’s bullet journal spreads. June’s theme is Melinda Salisbury books, which I have pinched from my most previous pal, Steph. Join me in a coffee whilst I share my pages?

The Coffee:

This week, we are drinking Steampunk’s Peruvian Herminio Ramirez Microlot with tasting notes of brown sugar and conference pears. I’ve had this one before and am a huge fan.

The Bullet Journal:

This month my journal is all based around Melinda Salisbury’s books. If you haven’t read them all yet, consider this your regular reminder to pick them up immediately. I pinched this theme from the lovely Steph (thank you!), who’s Mel themed journal is absolutely gorgeous – check out her post here.

This month’s title page is based on the cover for Hold Back the Tide. I don’t think it has quite the horrifying tone as the actual cover, but I am happy with how it turned out.

My monthly calendar, trackers, and to do list pages are based on Vespus (that horror) and his vines from State of Sorrow. This is one of those spreads that looked much better in my head than on the page, but I do like the colours. My calendar this month is very small because I am not expecting to be doing a lot, thank you very much! I’ve also added a new tracker this month for running. I signed up to a running challenge. So far I have achieved 0 days running because I also badly burnt my foot and currently can’t put it inside a shoe, which rather hampers the whole running thing.

Next is my reading spread, based around The Sin Eater’s Daughter, which I recently re-read and absolutely loved. I’ve gone with the idea of the poison bottle from the front cove, although instead of a floating girl, mine has my TBR written in. The colours here aren’t quite what I was going for, but never mind! I also used poison bottles as book-ends for my Books Added and Other Books Read shelves, and I really like how these turned out.

The last page for this month is my Happy Things page. This one is quite boring here with just a black border, but I planned to fill it in using coloured pens to add some brightness. This was based on an idea from State of Sorrow where everything was black and white and miserable during the extensive mourning period, and Sorrow brought colours and joy and happiness back to the world. I don’t know that it makes sense to anyone but me, but I am enjoying writing all my happy things in bright colours.

And that’s my journal for another month. If anyone has any ideas they’d like to see me try in future please let me know. And if you journal and share it online, leave me your links because I love seeing other people’s creative ideas.

4 thoughts on “Coffee and … My Mel Themed June Bullet Journal

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  1. Great pages, and I’m very grateful for your regular reminders to pick up Melinda Salisbury’books – you’re the reason Hold Back the Tide kept its place near the top of my TBR and did get read instead of languishing and being lost to it!
    And I definitely intend to read some more as I enjoyed that – please keep up your regular reminders 😂

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