Books with the Boy: Mula and the Fly by Lauren Hoffmeier (illustrated by Ela Smietanka).

Hello everyone and today I am doing a review with mum about a book called Mula and the Fly by Lauren Hoffmeier and illustrated by Ela Smietanka. We were sent this book from Sweet Cherry to read and write a review about.

About the Book

Mula is a very sleepy tiger.
But with the help of a mischievous little Fly, Mula learns to wake up, get moving, and make her dreams come true!

Mula and the Fly is a beautifully-illustrated picture book series that promotes mindfulness and provides young readers with a soft introduction to yoga. The fun characters and easy yoga poses promote a happy, healthy lifestyle and encourage young readers to relax and unwind.

My Review

Mula and the Fly is about a tiger named Mula who has a dream where she can do all these things like hop and stand on her head and when she wakes up she is grumpy and she thinks she can’t. And then a fly teaches her some yoga and then Mula’s able to actually do the things that she thought she couldn’t do. I liked that Mula was actually able to do the things she dreamed about in the end and that I could practice the yoga with the instructions in the back of the book. I didn’t like it when Mula was being grumpy to the fly but then she figures out that the fly is helping and that was good. Some of the yoga poses were pretty hard to do. My favourite one is downward dog but the Crescent lounge was my least favourite because it’s not like doing a normal lunge and my legs were all confused. I would give this book 555 stars out of 10. I will be trying the yoga moves again.

Mum’s Review

S and I read this on a rainy Saturday afternoon cuddled up on the sofa. It’s not often that S wants to read to us now, but he really enjoyed reading this out loud, especially when he got to put on the voice of a grumpy Mula who had just been woken by the fly; he said he was copying my grumpy morning voice, but I have no idea what he means. Mula and the Fly is a lovely story about how you can achieve your dreams if you work hard and practice. It teaches us to take a deep breath when things feel hard, and not to assume we can’t do something just because we haven’t tried it before. It gave S and I lots of things to talk about. He loved trying out the yoga moves at the back of the book, and even though some were difficult he took a deep breath and tried them anyway. We loved the illustrations in this book. Ela Smietanka has done a brilliant job; the pictures are vivid and gorgeous to look at. S went back through them a few times to check he had tried out all the yoga moves. S is a little over the age range for this book (he’s 9 now) but we both really loved it (you’re never too old for a good picture book), and he is looking forward to sharing it with his younger cousins when he next sees them.

Thank you for reading my post and I will be back again soon with another one. Stay safe everyone and keep wearing your masks.

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