Coffee and … A Bookish July

The end of July has snuck up on me. Join me in a coffee whilst I reflect on this month's reading? The Coffee: This week's Steampunk coffee is one we've had before: their Brazilian Fazenda Macaubas Microlot, with tasting notes of pineapple, cacao and pecan. We've been drinking a lot of it iced recently and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Raising Hell Bryony Pearce

"I was meant to save kids, not kill them - and I was hardly an angel myself. But if I didn't stop her, how many more would there be." Ivy Mann is a school security guard, a role she took on after making a stupid youthful mistake which caused dark magic to leak into the... Continue Reading →

ThursTag: The Disney Side Kicks Book Tag

It's ThursTag time, and today I am pinching the Disney Sidekicks Book Tag from Amy Golden Books Girl. MUSHU FROM MULAN: THE COMIC RELIEF – NAME YOUR FAVOURITE HILARIOUS CHARACTER OR YOUR FAVORITE COMEDY/FUNNY BOOK Felix from The Love Hypothesis by Laura Steven. He's one of the main character's dad and he made laugh so hard... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… My July TBR

I'm a little late posting today, but join me in a coffee whilst I share what I'll be reading this month? The Coffee: This week's Steampunk coffee is the Brazilian Fazenda Macaubas Microlot which has tasting notes of pineapple, cacao and pecan. I am really enjoying this one. The Books: This is my second month... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday : Summery Colours

Six for Sunday, hosted by my favourite one of them all (Steph) is back for a new month with a new theme. These are genuinely my favourite posts to write each week; I look forward to seeing what prompts Steph is going to torture me with next. July's theme is Sounds of Summer, featuring all... Continue Reading →

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