Guest Post: Beth Garrod – Sister Switch: Ready to Get Rumbled?

Happy Monday all. Things have been a bit quiet over here at Somewhere HQ the last few weeks, but I am back today with a brilliant guest post from Beth Garrod all about what would give her away if she swapped places with her siblings. First, a little bit about the book:

About the Book

Sisters Erin and Lily are polar opposites. Erin is cool, calm and collected. Lily, on the other hand, might as well have ‘embarrassing’ written across her forehead. When a prank goes wrong, and Lily finds herself having the worst hair day in history, the sisters must take an emergency trip to the oddly named HAIRY GODMOTHER SALON. But what they don’t know is that a new look comes with a whole new life! Stuck in a body swap nightmare, Lily and Erin have no choice but to walk in each other’s shoes until the spell is broken. Will they realize that life is a lot harder than it looks? Or will it end in total carnage?

Sister Switch: Ready to Get Rumbled? by Beth Garrod.

Sister Switch is about two polar opposite sisters, Lily and Erin, who after a badly timed encounter with a mysterious hairdresser – The Hairy Godmother – find themselves swapped into each other’s bodies. 

Now, while I may not have ever experienced a magical body swap (or even had a magical hairdresser for that matter), Sister Switch definitely takes some inspiration from my own life growing up with a sister. But what if there had been something magical in the Midlands’ water and we’d found ourselves in Lily and Erin’s shoes? Would we have managed to keep the switch-y secret safe?!

Here’s what I think would have been the hardest body swap behaviours to fake without giving the game away.

No peas for the wicked.
I could have worn totally different clothes, pretended to have liked way more grown up TV, maybe even worked extra hard to get through lessons – but there’s one thing I could never do; carry off liking peas. Meal times would have been a nightmare! And I don’t imagine my sister will be eating banana and anchovy pizza any time soon (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! Ham and pineapple is so 2020).

Whole entire approach to life.
Ok, maybe slightly broad, but it’s the little things that would definitely have had my parents giving me odd looks. How had I suddenly become neat and tidy overnight? Why was I suddenly on time for things? And why was I suddenly able to help my mum with crosswords? Suspicions would have been seriously raised.

Conversations with friends always feel very normal until someone else joins in, and you realise you’ve been chatting about incredibly specific references only each other would get (that weird crisp that looked like your old boss! The time you hiccupped so weirdly you alerted Siri). And I think any best friend would turn super sleuth at the first hint of weird – because one question about the time on the number 39 bus when you saw a man wearing a hat made entirely of what exactly, and they’d know if you were an imposter (by the way, it was McDonald’s straws).

Singalong Suspicions.
We all have songs we love singing along to. Whether it’s a full level mega-croon to something like Chandelier, proudly knowing every word to the Fresh Prince, or just an enthusiastic joining in with the Strictly theme tune. But what would happen if your sibling’s favourite tune came on in the car and all eyes – and ears – were on you? Could you mumble your way through it while staring out of the window, or would taking a fake call be the only way forward?

Basically, whatever the situation carrying off a body-swap would be a nightmare. But do Lily and Erin manage to do better than my sister and I would have done? You’ll have to read Sister Switch to find out! But let’s just say things definitely don’t start out on the right foot… or shoe. Or even sock for that matter. Tinkle ding!

About the Author

Beth Garrod is the author of the best-selling SUPER AWKWARD series, ACCESS ALL AWKWARD and TAKE A CHANCE ON ME for teen readers. SISTER SWITCH is Beth’s first novel for readers aged 8+ with her familiar brand of comedy and trouble.

Beth has worked in London, New York and Toronto for broadcasters including Radio 1, CBBC (Blue Peter), and MTV, launching everything from mental health campaigns and international youth unemployment initiatives to the Radio 1 Teen Awards. She now concentrates on social impact campaigns, working with charities and broadcasters around the world.

Twitter: @bethg


Thanks Beth for sharing such a great post! What would give you away if you had to swap places with your sibling?

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