Coffee and … My Simple September Bullet Journal

It’s Bullet Journal time! Join me in a coffee?

The Coffee:

This week, I’m drinking another delicious Steampunk coffee. The Finca Bonanza from El Salvador has tasting notes of chocolate and plum jam.

The Bullet Journal:

This month my journal is short and simple. This last month has been a lot and I had neither the time nor inclination for a fancy and involved journal. I also wasn’t sure how much I was going to keep up filling it in this month. I’ve gone with an overall September showers theme with clouds and rain (seemed appropriate for this month).

This month, I’ve combined my title page, calendar and trackers into one page. I’ve added patterned clouds and different types of raindrops. I introduced a splash of colour with a teal blue and a yellow, and dropped shadows in black for a little bit of emphasis. Everything is quite small and simply laid out.

My to do list is a simple rectangle with a dropped shadow and a border in the same cloud pattern. I didn’t want to add too much to this page and this month is likely to be one filled with lots of little jobs, so this page needed a lot of space to write in.

My reading page looks a bit boring here, with just plain outlined clouds and boxes, but I am colouring in each cloud with grey, teal or yellow to add some interest!

Finally, is my happy things page. It’s very simple again, like my to-do page. It’s not easy to find things to be happy about at the moment, but filling in this page every day, even if it’s only one thing, makes me focus on the things there are to be happy about.

And that’s my journal for another month. If anyone has any ideas they’d like to see me try in future please let me know. And if you journal and share it online, leave me your links because I love seeing other people’s creative ideas.

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