ThursTag : The Back to School Tag

Today I am back with my first tag in a while, and I am pinching a recent tag from my pal Steph : The Back to School Tag. Yes, I know you all went back to school before now, but I am behind the times, so shush.

Because I have been awol for some time, I am going to try to use this tag to talk about some of the books that I have been reading recently, so where things say “favourite” they’re my favourite of the books I’ve read over the last 4-6 weeks-ish rather than all time favourites.

English – name your favourite author’s (or book’s) writing style.

I have found a way to fit in all time favourite Melinda Salisbury! Recently, I read The Way Back Almanac, Mel’s first non-fiction book and a brilliant seasonal guide to nature packed with recipes, seasonal activities, book recommendations and loads more. Mel’s non-fiction writing is as stunning as her fiction and I cannot wait to work through the almanac next year.

Maths – a book that made you frustrated

A Burning by Megha Majumdar. I was so angry with the way this played out, frustrated with the people who chose to keep themselves comfortable instead of telling the truth. I don’t want to spoiler, but this is definitely a frustrating read. Brilliant, but frustrating.

Science – a book that made you think

The Death of Vivek Oji by Akwaeke Emezi. There’s a lot to think about in this book: friendship, being a parent, grief, gender. It pack a real emotional punch and is still playing on my mind several weeks after reading it.

Social studies/history – your favourite book from a different time period

I am not sure how much this counts as a different time period and how much I’m bending the rules here but I’m saying Crooked Mask by Rachel Burge which features Norse mythology and gods.

Art – your favourite book with pictures

The Distance Between me and the Cherry Tree by Paola Peretti has gorgeous illustrations of a cherry blossom tree between chapters. It’s a beautiful story about a girl who is gradually losing her sight and measuring it’s decline by how close she gets to the cherry tree before she can see it.

Drama – a book you would love to turn into a movie

I would love, love, love to see This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron as a movie. It would be a brilliant, atmospheric, creepy mysterious film and I think it could be amazing.

Music – name a character you think (or know) would have the same musical taste as you

This is a really tricky one to answer. I am going to throw in a wildcard here and say Agnes from Agnes at the end of the World by Kelly McWilliams. She’s not been exposed to much non-Church music at this point, but I feel like we have enough in common that there’s a good chance she’d share my taste – and it gives me an opportunity to shout about one of the best books I’ve read recently.

Lunch – a food you would love to try

I recently ordered The Nightmare Before Christmas Official Cookbook and it is packed with recipes that I want to try, including Behemouth BBQ Pork Buns, Christmas Tree Empanadas, and Lock, Shock and Barell Spiral Peppermint Cookies.

Bus ride home – a book or author that is relaxing

I am not much of a reader of relaxing books. I enjoy a bit of drama. One I’ve read recently that was mostly relaxing / funny is The Bad Mother’s Book Club by Keris Stainton. Keris’s books are always the perfect mix of drama and hilarity and this one made me giggle a lot.

Extra credit – a book someone else told you to read and you ended up enjoying

Sarah has been urging me to read this series for the longest time. I loved the first one, but had to put off the second for a while because of the subject matter. Last Lullaby by Carol Wyer was definitely worth the wait, and I’ll be continuing the series very soon.

Which books feature food you would love to try? Have you done this tag? If you’ve any suggestions for autumn themed book tags, please let me know – I’m on the hunt for some new ones.

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