Coffee and … My October Bullet Journal

It’s that time of the month where I share my bullet journal spreads. Join me in a coffee whilst I share October’s spreads.

The Coffee:

This week we’re drinking the last of our Steampunk China Banka Farm coffee, with tasting notes of black cherry compote, chocolate and raisin. We’ve really enjoyed this one.

The Bullet Journal:

This month’s journal had to be spooky themed. It’s based on some Behemouth doodles that I found on Pinterest and loved. They were perfect for this months journal.

Everything this month is black, white and grey. My title page and calendar are combined this month and I really liked how this worked out. I added some creepy lettering that’s supposed to look like it’s dripping. I’m not sure that’s how it turned out but I still like it.

Next is my To Do List (a full page this month as I have a lot of things to do) and my Trackers pages. I think the little mummy carrying a human head doodle is my favourite this month. I’ve kept all my spreads black, white and grey, which I think is really effective. I also added a dropped shadow to the trackers because I liked the effect.

Following that is my trusty Books spread. The TBR page is meant to look like ghost balloons, but they look like mutant jellyfish! It’s an ambitious TBR this month with some hefty books, but I was feeling optimistic and left plenty of space to add more books I’ve read and any I add.

Finally, we have my happy things page. Always a lovely page to look back on at the end of the month and see all the small things that have been making me smile during the month.

And that’s my journal for another month. Do you keep a bullet journal? What theme do you have for this spooky month?


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