The Way Back… January

Happy Monday! It's the end of January already and today I'm sharing a new regular feature on my blog: The Way Back. Each month I will be following along with Melinda Salisbury's gorgeous 2022 almanac and building my relationship with the natural world. In this blog series, I will be sharing my adventures and experiences... Continue Reading →

A Bookish January

It's the first of my 2022 monthly wrap ups. I forgot it was Sunday so my schedule has gone awry, but here we are. Unlike most of the human race, I do not hate January. It's mine (and my best friend's) birthdays in January, and it's a cosy, quiet month as we get back to... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… a book haul

It's been a good while since I bought myself books, but thanks to Christmas vouchers and lovely pals I have a lovely stash to kick off the year. Today I'm taking my coffee on the train to Edinburgh whilst sharing the books I've acquired recently. Join me? The Coffee: This week I'm drinking Steampunk's Kenyan... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday: Bookish Resolutions

Another Sunday, another #SixforSunday! Today is our hostess Steph 's birthday and she's asked us to share our 2022 bookish resolutions. I thought a lot about whether to set reading goals, and if so, what goals to set myself and this year I don't want to over-challenge myself. I just want to enjoy what I'm... Continue Reading →

The End of the Year Book Survey (part 2)

It's a ThursTag on a Friday, which seems appropriate for this week where I have had no idea what day it is. Here is part two of the mammoth End of the Year Book Survey! BLOGGING/BOOKISH LIFE 1. New favorite book blog/Bookstagram/Youtube channel you discovered in 2021? I've not discovered much new this year because... Continue Reading →

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