January’s TBR

Happy Monday! Today I’m going to be sharing the books I’ll be reading in January.

Last year, I used a jar filled with prompts and selected books to match the prompts I pulled from the jar each month. This year, my TBR jar just has the titles of the books I had on my TBR on January 1st (I added quite a few between Christmas and New Year thanks to the gifts and book vouchers I received ending the year with 56 unread books). I’m going to talk more about my reading goals for 2022 in a future #SixforSunday post, but each month I will choose 5 books from the jar along with: a re-read, a book I just want to read, the Way Back book club read of the month (check out Melinda Salisbury’s almanac for more information) and the relevant monthly chapter of The Way Back Almanac by Melinda Salisbury and A Spell in the Wild by Alice Tarbuck. This month I’ll be reading:

TBR Picks:

S picked from the jar for this month and I think he’s got me an excellent TBR. The five books were:

1. The Whispers by Greg Howard. This is a book I bought with a Christmas book voucher. I saw it on a recommendation list from L.D. Lapinski; they’ve never yet recommended a book I didn’t love.

2. The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton. I added this to my list of books I wanted to read in 2022 because I was obsessed with book one and have zero excuse for not reading this sequel.

3. The Pieces of Ourselves by Maggie Harcourt. This is one that the lovely Steph lent me a long time ago and it’s high time I let her have some of her books back!

4. Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City by Rob Biddulph. This was a pure impulse buy when I was in Edinburgh. I kept seeing it and then found a signed copy, so I took it as a sign it was meant to be mine.

5. Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart. This is another one that I pre-ordered because I was so hyped for it, and then put it on my shelf and ignored it.

The re-read:

This month I am re-reading Crescent City by Sarah J Maas. I loved this the first time I read it and the sequel is due out next month, so when a book friend asked me if I wanted to join a buddy read for it, I signed up immediately.

The “just because I want to” book:

I’ve chosen How to Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie. I got this with a Christmas voucher and it sounds right up my street and definitely the kind of stabby and hilarious book I am in the mood for right now.

The Way Back Book Club read of the month:

This month’s book club read is The Outrun by Amy Liptrot, set in Orkey and following Amy as she returns to the place of her childhood and works through her difficulties.

What books are you planning to read this month?


8 thoughts on “January’s TBR

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  1. Haha – oh I know that “so excited for this, pre order, ignore” feeling so well! I have Witches Steeped in Gold on the pile too.
    I’d love to fit more re-reads in but I know I just won’t!


      1. I know šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

        Audible is great for re-reads. I often use it for books I’ve ‘always meant to read’ but haven’t too and that I know I won’t pick up in physical form because of all the newer ones there are, that’s how I got through Hunger Games finally last year and Ruby Redfort currently.


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