Coffee and… My 2022 Bullet Journal and January Spreads

Today, I’m sitting with my coffee and sharing my journal set up for this year and my January spreads. I’ve been keeping my journal for a few years now and I love setting it up at the start of each year.

The Coffee:

Today, I’m drinking another Steampunk coffee. This time the washed Ethiopian Bale Mountain which has tasting notes of blueberry, bergamot and vanilla biscuits.

The Journal:

First up in my journal are the art pages. I never use the contents page so I always end up covering that and the end papers in some kind of drawing or painting. The first was supposed to be a peaceful night sky, but ended up with angry sea vibes and I’m here for it. The second is some star constellations (my sun, moon and rising signs). I’m not sure I’m finished with this page yet, but this is as it stands for now. I think it needs a quote or something to finish it off.

Next is my calendar for 2022 with the dates page (the seaside watercolour looks less cartoonish in real life) and my important dates pages which are now populated with birthdays and other plans. I love this idea of creating a little book within a book, so the middle sections are cut down and have tabs which I can use to flip to the next month without changing the background. I feel like that’s a sentence that makes more sense in my head than out of it, but I cannot for the life of me work out how to word it better.

Next I’ve added some pages for my goals, my achievements and my adventures. I haven’t put a goals page in before, but there are some things I do want to achieve this year so this seemed a good place to record them. I also wanted to add somewhere the things I do achieve in 2022, however small, so I can reflect on the positives at the end of the year.

Following that are my reading pages. I am not a fan of the way the writing turned out on the goals page, but it is what it is. I do like the silver birch tree effect though. For once, my existing TBR took less than a double page spread to populate! I then have my blogging plans and I’ve decorated those pages with covers from some of my favourite 2021 reads, so if I have a slump this year, I can remind myself why I do this.

I do have another section after that which I will be sharing later in the month when I do my very first of a new series of posts for 2022.

And with the set up complete, it was on to January. I have been reliably informed by a rather baffled husband that hares are not typically a January kind of animal; I do not care. I liked it so I did it. I love the colours on this one, although they scream autumn and not “the depths of winter” but hey ho. I’ve given my calendar a full double page spread because your girl has plans this month (!!) and also I’m testing out using the empty spaces to write a few notes about each day.

After that are my to do list and trackers which are nice and simple for this month, and my reading pages ready to start filling with everything I read and add to my TBR this month. It’s my birthday month so books are bound to happen.

That’s another journal set up and ready to go! Have you decided to start a journal for 2022?


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