Six for Sunday: Bookish Resolutions

Another Sunday, another #SixforSunday! Today is our hostess Steph ‘s birthday and she’s asked us to share our 2022 bookish resolutions.

I thought a lot about whether to set reading goals, and if so, what goals to set myself and this year I don’t want to over-challenge myself. I just want to enjoy what I’m reading. Here are my six bookish goals for 2022:

1. 150 books and 50,000 pages. That’s my Storygraph goal for 2022. In 2021, I read 165 books and 55,949 pages, so this feels like it will be achievable and also push me to make time for reading.

2. One re-read every month. I used to be a huge re-reader until I re-discovered the joy of YA and MG books. I want to make time to re-read some favourites so I’m dedicating one reading spot a month to re-reading a book I loved.

3. Clear my backlist. Yes, this is a BIG one. I ended 2021 with 53 books on my TBR and I want to read every one of those in 2022. I’m not stopping myself buying new books. I will never be a girl with a zero TBR, but I want to get those books off my shelf.

4. Read one book every month just because I want to. I have a TBR jar again this year, but with the book titles rather than prompts. I’m choosing six from the jar, my re-read, my bookclub book, and then one book I just want to read each month to build my monthly TBR.

5. A Spell in the Wild and The Way Back Almanac chapters. I adore these books by Alice Tarbuck and Melinda Salisbury about our relationship with nature, so each month I am going to read the corresponding monthly chapter in each of these books so I can appreciate them at the right time.

6. The Way Back Book Club. Each month I will be reading Melinda Salisbury’s Way Back Book Club pick for the month. I’ve been reading January’s with Cora and I am really enjoying buddy reading them so I hope we can continue that.

Have you set any reading or bookish goals for 2022?


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  1. My goal is usually 100 but I’ve reached it comfortably the last couple of years so I’ve upped it to 125 this year. I don’t really have any other set goals but I do want to try and read some of enormous existing TBR too! Good luck with all your goals!

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