Coffee and… a book haul

It’s been a good while since I bought myself books, but thanks to Christmas vouchers and lovely pals I have a lovely stash to kick off the year. Today I’m taking my coffee on the train to Edinburgh whilst sharing the books I’ve acquired recently. Join me?

The Coffee:

This week I’m drinking Steampunk’s Kenyan Karani with tasting notes of redcurrant, peach and almond. Kenyan coffees are some of my favourites so we make the most of them.

The Books:

I absolutely love getting vouchers for books. I took my Christmas vouchers to Waterstones recently where top bookseller (and all round awesome pal, Tsam) helped me select these beauties.

Moonchild by Aisha Bushby – I adored Aisha’s debut and I’d neglected these for far too long, so I corrected that and added them. I hope to get around to reading them soon.

Sisters of the Shadow by Katherine Livery. This was face out on a shelf and I just wanted it. It’s got big nature themes and cult vibes. I’m excited.

A Clock of Stars by Francesca Gibbons. Totally picked this for the cover. Tsam told me it was good though so that’s a solid recommendation.

Under the Whispering Door by T. J. Clune. Tsam practically threw this one at me. And I’m glad he did because a reaper and afterlife story is right up my street.

The Book of Stolen Dreams by David Farr. I’ve been seeing this one everywhere, and I am nothing if not easily persuaded to pick up a book. It sounds perfect!

These next three were bought with a voucher from the lovely Sarah.

The Whispers by Greg Howard – I picked this up purely on a recommendation in a tweet from L. D. Lapinski. They have the absolute best taste in books so I’m sure this will be brilliant.

Hurricane Child by Kacen Callendar – This book was super hyped last year but I never got round to reading it. I am a big fan of Kacen Callendar though so I figured it was high time I picked this up.

How to Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie – I’d never even heard of this until Sarah messaged telling me Santa thought it would be right up my street. She was correct. I am half way through this and I just love it.

These were preemptive birthday spends. I’m not even sorry.

The Ivory Key by Akshaya Raman – this was a recommendation from another friend. She sent me the synopsis and Tsam told me it was meant to be good so here it is.

The Sad Ghost Club by Lize Meddings – another Tsam recommendation and I took it. He never steers me wrong and sad ghosts were absolutely the vibes I had that day.

These last two are part of a little book swap my book coven and I do at Christmas. Because we’ve not seen each other I haven’t got a couple from the coven but these two were my presents from Steph (Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston) and Tsam (Little Thieves by Margaret Owen). I am sure both are going to be brilliant.

Have you read any of these? What books have you added to your TBR lately?

8 thoughts on “Coffee and… a book haul

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  1. The ones of these I’ve read are all AMAZING! And I really want to buy How to Kill Your Family based on the title alone 😂. The Whispers has been on my TBR for actual EONS so let me know if you fancy buddy reading it maybe? No pressure if you don’t want to though x

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  2. Haven’t read any of them, but read one of those authors. I NEVER buy several books at once. In Charlotte, a really good place to get books is Park Road Books, which is really good at recommending books (most of the them, I love the ones they recommend)

    That is because I read House in the Cerulean Sea last year- so I read TJ Klune, but only once

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  3. Yay to Clock of Stars and Amari!! Both BRILLIANT and total highlights of last year for me! I have Book of Stolen Dreams here waiting too.
    Hooray for book vouchers! I got some for Christmas ut I haven’t spent them yet!

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