Coffee and… February’s Bullet Journal

It’s Wednesday and it’s time to sit with a coffee and share this month’s bullet journal. Join me?

The Coffee:

This week, I’m drinking a coffee from Clifton coffee roasters. The Guatemalan Les Penas has tasting notes of peach iced tea, preserved lemon and grapefruit; a fruity and delicious coffee.

The Journal:

This month’s journal was a big lesson for me in letting go of perfection and the ideas I have in my head, because what came out on the paper was nothing like what I set out to create. I almost didn’t share it because it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. But here we are.

My February title page was where it started to go wrong. I am new to using water colours, and it just did not work out the way that I wanted it to at all.

One of the things I am determined not to do with this year’s journal is keep ripping out pages because they’re not perfect. I am a terrible perfectionist in everything I do, and it’s something I really need to learn to let go of. So, I left the watercolour mess overnight and then worked out what I could do to retrieve it.

I went with some very basic tree doodles and a moon, and whilst it isn’t the best journal set up I’ve ever done, I don’t totally hate it.

I used a similar approach with my calendar, to do and tracker pages. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the to do page before filling it in, hence my hand in the way! But I made simple tree doodles on each of the pages to match the title page.

The page I like best in this is my reading page. It’s nothing much to look at from an art perspective, but I like the way the lettering turned out and the different boxes I managed to fit into the page, instead of just drawing bookshelves like I usually do.

The last page as always, is my happy things page, and I’ve kept this really simple.

This month’s journal is far from being my favourite, but I am glad I persevered instead of tearing it out and I think it’s taught me some things about not trying to make everything perfect. I’m still hoping to produce something better next month.

Any ideas of themes or designs you’d like to see my try in my journal? If you keep a bullet journal and you share it online, please link me to it, I love seeing other people’s designs!

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