A Bookish February

I say this every time, but I’ve no idea how it’s February already. Anyway, join me with a coffee whilst I look at this month’s reading.

The Coffee:

This week, I’m drinking another Steampunk Coffee: the washed Ethiopian Bale Mountain with tasting notes of blueberry, bergamot, and vanilla biscuits makes a delightful coffee warm or iced.

The Books:

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Well, it’s safe to say February was largely a dreary old month, between being ill, multiple storms and the news. Not much has been going on here.

Highlights this month were having our BBQ hut installed and being able to spend time in there with a roaring fire and a nice drink, my sister’s dog having her puppies, meeting my new Mam and having breakfast with her, my best friend and my best friend’s wonderful girlfriend, and a visit from the lovely Kelly and her fiancé who were over from Wales during half term. I spend a couple of wonderful days with them and my lovely pal having food, beverages, walks and lols.

In reading, I had a mixed month. I found myself DNFing quite a few of the reads I picked because I just couldn’t get into them. But I also read some amazing books that I really enjoyed. House of Sky and Breath was my pick of the month and whilst I read the bulk of it this month, I didn’t manage to complete it.

reading stats

Once again, my TBR jar chose most of my TBR, with me choosing to re-read the Ink trilogy by Alice Broadway, House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J Maas, and Burial Rites by Hannah Kent for The Way Back Book Club read of the month.

Number of books read: 10 Pages Read: 3,169

In February, I mostly read LGBTQ+ young adult and fantasy books, and StoryGraph categorised most of my reads as adventurous, reflective, emotional and sad. Most of my books were medium sized and medium paced. None of this surprises me at all; it’s all very on brand for me and my reading.

Under the Whispering Door by T.J. Klune: I loved this gorgeously written, warm and funny story about the afterlife. I loved seeing how Wallace reflected on his life. I adored the tea shop and I want to know what tea Hugo would make me if I ended up there. 

The Wind Child by Gabriela Houston: Heartbreaking but beautiful story about Mara who is half-human, half-wind god and her journey to find her father’s soul before he reaches the afterlife. I loved the Slavic mythology and how Mara faces her grief. 

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng: Right, well, this absolutely ripped my heart out. A devastating story of a family’s grief after their daughter dies. Beautifully written and kept me hooked to the last page. 

Ink by Alice Broadway: This was a re-read of one of my favourites. I absolutely love this world and these characters. Alice’s writing is gorgeous. The stories and beliefs of this world are brilliant and intricate. I found so much more to love in this on a second read. 

Spark by Alice Broadway: I adored this book. It’s my favourite in the trilogy as we see Leora learning about her birth mother and the Blanks. Beautifully written and tense, with some big surprises. A stunning reflection on the way stories change their meaning depending on the teller. 

What’s the T? by Juno Dawson: I love Juno’s writing. This is a brilliant, informative book about all things trans and one that I hope will help a lot of young people. It’s a book I’ll keep for my own child to read when he’s ready. 

Scar by Alice Broadway: I knew what was coming and my heart was still in my mouth. This is a really clever book about stories, perspectives, miracles and power. Alice is an incredible storyteller and this is a stunning trilogy. I didn’t want it to end…again.

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent: Those last few chapters felt like being plunged into ice cold water. Agnes’s story,set in a harsh and unforgiving landscape, is horrifying and painful to read. It shows the power of a little kindness, and it is going to haunt me for a long time. 

These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Stirling: This was so much darker than I expected it to be. I love a story about witches. Teenage me would have devoured adored this. Adult me did too. I’m going straight in with book 2. 

Dark, Salt, Clear: Life in a Cornish Fishing Town by Lamorna Ash: I read the audiobook narrated by the author and I really enjoyed hearing about her time in a Cornish fishing village and her time at sea on the boats with local fishermen. It doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of life at sea, but also shows the beauty of it.  I loved this one. 

challenge updates
Storygraph: I have read 25 /150 books this month, leaving me one book ahead of target currently. I’ve read 9,070 /50,000 pages so far this year, putting me ahead by 1,125 pages. Perhaps not as far ahead as I would like, but it’s still progress.

52 Down in 2022: I’ve read 9 books in total for this challenge. I am pleased with this progress.

The Way Back Book Club: This month’s book club read was Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, a brilliant but heart-breaking read.

Re-read Challenge: My official re-read this month was Ink by Alice Broadway but, of course, I read the entire trilogy. I’ve only counted my official choice for this month, so I am on track.

TBR: I started with 56 books at the beginning of February. Things happened. Books were purchased. I now have 69 books on my TBR. I need to calm down my book buying a bit or I’ll end up with another unwieldy TBR, but I am not too concerned at the moment.

Copy of Coffee and.... (3)

Next month releases I’m looking forward to are:

  • Rainbow Grey: Eye of the Storm by Laura Ellen Anderson
  • The Secret Sunshine Project by Benjamin Dean
  • Dragon Rising by Katie and Kevin Tsang
  • The Last Firefox by Lee Newberry
  • Vagabonds by Eloghosa Osunde

How was your February? What books are you looking forward to in March?


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  1. I’m looking forward to The Wind Child! Burial Rites has been on my TBR for almost as long as Scar 🙈😂
    These Witches Don’t Burn sounds great too!


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