Blog Tour: A Books with the Boy Review of Are Mummies Scared of Monsters by Fransie Frandsen

It’s been a while since we have shared a Books with the Boy post (where S – aged 10- and I do joint reviews of a book we’ve read together), but today we’re joining forces for a very exciting blog tour celebrating Are Mummies Scared of Monsters by Fransie Frandsen.

About the Book

Are Mummies scared of monsters? There’s a noisy monster under Alexander’s bed. Baby T’s monster has a rumbling tummy. Daddy has monstrous problems at work. And Mummy’s sister finds monsters in a faraway place. But what about Mummy? Join Alexander in his latest colourful quest to find the answer to the puzzling question, Are Mummies scared of monsters?

S’s Review:

Are Mummies Scared of Monsters? is basically a boy named Alexander who is curious to see if anyone he knows is scared of monsters, so he makes a little chart and starts thinking about who he knows that is scared of monsters and who isn’t and his mum is not afraid. My mum is definitely afraid of monsters so she would get a big tick on that chart. Alexander thinks about some others like his dad, the neighbour and few other people he knows and puts a tick or a cross next to their name depending on what he decides. I didn’t have a favourite bit in the book because it was all really good but my favourite character was Alexander because he was the one that had to do a lot of thinking and investigating to think about who he knew and if they were really scared of monsters and that was kind of cool. If I was rating is sensibly, I would give it 10 out of 10, but really it deserves 100,021 stars.

Mum’s Review:

I really enjoyed this book. I am a mummy who would definitely be scared of monsters, but I think they might be more scared of me than I am of them. I really liked the illustrations in this book and the way they combined realistic images with cartoons and monsters. I loved the way the lettering and images were laid out like a collage. I loved the way Alexander thought very carefully about all the experiences his friends and family had with monsters, and the different kinds of monsters, like dad’s “monster problem at work”, which gave us a way to talk about all the different kinds of “monsters” we could think of. Are Mummies Scared of Monsters? was a fun bed-time read for S and I. He may be 10 now, but you’re never too old to enjoy a good picture book.

About the Author

Having lived in seven different countries, Fransie Frandsen is a writer, illustrator, graphic designer and internationally celebrated fine artist. In the past year, Fransie’s artwork has been exhibited in London, Genoa, Milan and Valencia. For more information, please see

After completing her BA and qualification in Graphic design, Fransie earned a further degree in Art Psychotherapy in the UK. She practiced for several years in London working mainly with children and focusing on the attachment, bonding and communication between children and parents. It is the dynamics of this relationship that inspire her children’s books.

Fransie currently lives and works in Switzerland together with her family and their two westies, ‘The Barkingtons’.

Find out more on Instagram @artfox.bookwolf | Twitter @artfoxbookwolf |

Thank you to Amber at Midas PR for inviting us to join this blog tour and sending a review copy of the book.


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