Six for Sunday: Favourite Stories With LGBTQ+ Characters

It’s June, which means it’s pride month and time for a month of Pride Matters prompts from the lovely Steph). It’s been a good while since I made it to do a #SixforSunday but here I am today with six of my favourite stories featuring LGBTQ+ characters. I’ve tried to feature books I don’t talk about ALL THE TIME for this list to give a bit of variety.

1. The Girl from the Sea by Molly Knox Ostertag. This is an absolutely gorgeous graphic novel with a f/f romance at the centre, somewhat complicated by one of the characters not being “out” and the other being a selkie. An absolute delight and the only down side was there not being more of it.

2. Something Certain Maybe by Sara Barnard. You all know I love myself a Barnard book. This one centres Rosie, who is bisexual, starting a new relationship and struggling with uni. This isn’t out until later in the year so I won’t say too much other than you need this book.

3. Dangerous Remedy by Kat Dunn. This whole series. The final book, Glorious Poison, is due out later this month and I cannot wait to see how my favourite cast of LGBTQ+ characters are causing chaos for the last time. I absolutely adore this trilogy.

4. All of the Above by Juno Dawson. I picked this up recently-ish from Queer Lit bookshop in Manchester. These characters are so messy, it’s delightful. Some of them are “out”, others are struggling with their feelings. So much going on in this one it’s hard to summarise. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

5. This Coven Won’t Break by Isabel Stirling. Witches! There are witches in this one. Also plenty of LGBTQ+ characters (the main character, Hannah and her vicious ex-girlfriend Veronica are my favourites). Somehow their super-messy break up isn’t the most dramatic thing about this book.

6. Under the Whispering Door by T.J. Klune. This is just absolutely lush and a pure comfort read for me. I loved the cosy café afterlife set up, the main (gay) romance, and the way so much happens in that one little café room. Hard to explain, you just have to read it.

What are your favourite books with LGBTQ+ characters?


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