Books with the Boy: Mula and the Snooty Monkey by Lauren Hoffmeier.

S and I are back with a joint review of the brilliant picture book Mula and the Snooty Monkey by Lauren Hoffmeier.

About the Book

Mula was a very sleepy tiger. But with the help of a mischievous little Fly, Mula learned to wake up, get moving, and made her dreams come true!

Svadi is a very snooty monkey. But when he hears the jungle beat, Svadi stops worrying about how he looks. He is ready to move his hips and sing the song inside his heart!

S’s Review:

Mula the Snooty Monkey is about a monkey named Svadi who is bragging about how perfect he is but gets angry when his friends make fun of him for falling out of a tree. Then a bird taps on a tree and Svadi shakes his hips to the rhythm, then he starts doing some yoga poses and then he is no longer angry but laughing instead. I loved the pictures in this book they are really colourful. I enjoyed doing the yoga poses but I kept falling over and I laughed just like Svadi. I would give this book 206 stars out of 10. I am looking forward to reading it to my little cousins.

My Review:

S and I loved the first Mula book, so when we were offered the chance to read and review this second one, we jumped at it. This is a gorgeous story which gave S and I opportunities to talk about ways that we can manage big feelings, like getting angry when things don’t go the way we want them to. S also had a lot of fun practicing the yoga poses. I have to give a huge shout out to Ela Smietanka for the beautiful illustrations; Mula and the Snooty Monkey is packed with bright colourful pictures that add to the story. We absolutely loved this one and hope to see more Mula books in the future.


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