Six for Sunday: Characters Who Would Be Fun at the Beach

It’s Six for Sunday time! It’s been so long since I did one of these. I am thrilled to see Steph is back, having recently shared the prompts for August, September and October. This month’s theme is summer holiday fun and today’s prompt is characters who would be fun at the beach. This was a harder prompt to answer than I initially thought, but here are my six:

1. Tabby from Black Night Falling by Teri Terry. I’ve loved Tabby since I first met her. She gets into a lot of scrapes, but is good at finding quiet places. She adores the sea and can swim like a dolphin, with dolphins who are her friends, which would be very cool.

2. Jonathan from The Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D. Lapinski. I think he would be great fun wherever we are, but he hates swimming and would most likely bring a suitcase to escape into another world and that would add a lot of fun to a beach day.

3. Mo from The Wilderness Cure by Mo Wilde. Okay, Mo isn’t a character but a real person who wrote a memoir of living on foraged food for a year. I think a trip to the beach learning all about the environment and foraging would be a great afternoon out.

4. Caddy, Suze and Rosie from Something Certain Maybe by Sara Barnard. Yes, they are three people but they come as a package deal. I think any trip out with these three would make for a great day. A picnic and a few drinks on the beach with them sounds perfect

5. Ray Grey from Rainbow Grey by Laura Ellen Anderson. She has a very rare talent in rainbow magic and a pet cloud cat. Flying around on a cloud cat would be amazing fun, and I think we’d have a great time as she tests out her rainbow weather magic too.

6. Loki from Loki by Louie Stowell. No matter how hard he tries to do good things, he royally screws them up in hilarious ways. I have no idea what Loki would get up to at a each but I guarantee it would be hilarious.

Which character would you most like to take on a beach trip? And how would you spend the day?


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