Bitesize Book Reviews

Happy Tuesday! Today I'm sharing some more bitesize reviews with you. S has some reviews in progress so I'm hoping this feature will become a fortnightly post, alternating with Books with the Boy reviews, but we'll see how it goes. Five Survive by Holly Jackson I absolutely loved Holly's trilogy A Good Girl's Guide to... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday: Books with White Covers

It's Sunday and time for this week's Six for Sunday, a weekly prompt hosted by Steph from A Little But a Lot, also known as my very best friend in all the world. This week's prompt is white covers. I thought I read more covers with white books than I do, so this turned out... Continue Reading →

ThursTag: The January Tag

So I stole this one from Steph. Shock and horror. I have no idea who the original creator was, but if you do please let me know so I can appropriately credit them! First thing first, some of these questions are working on the assumption that January is a miserable month and just no. It's... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… My 2023 Bullet Journal

It's Wednesday, and time to share a cup of coffee and my 2023 bullet journal set up. Join me? The Coffee: This week, I'm drinking a Steampunk Coffee subscription staple: their Basecamp coffee. The current variety is Brazilian and has tasting notes of nuts and chocolate. Perfect for when I've spent the week with my... Continue Reading →

Bitesize Book Reviews

Happy Tuesday and welcome to my new feature: Bitesize Book Reviews. I used to share Mini Reviews every Monday with a different theme each time. This will be a bit more chill, just me sharing briefer reviews of three or four books I have loved. I'm going to aim to keep them books I've recently... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday: Winter Books

It's already time for another Six for Sunday, a weekly prompt hosted by my best pal of them all, Steph, who blogs at A Little But a Lot (if you're not already following her, please do). This week's prompt is Winter Books; I do not know why because Steph doesn't even like the winter. Anyway.... Continue Reading →

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