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ThursTag: The LGBTQ+ Rep Book Tag

It's another Thursday and over here at Charlotte, Somewhere that can only mean one thing: tag time! This week I am sharing The LGBTQ+ Rep Book Tag which I saw on Narrative Paradise and which was originally created by The Sassy Library Fox. Female Strength: A book with a lesbian heroine Cinderella is Dead by... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… 2021 July to Sept Books I’m Excited For

The Coffee: This week we're drinking a new coffee from our faves at Steampunk. The DRC Sopacdi Women's Coffee Project MicroStation has tasting notes of passionfruit, apricot and toffee, and it is as tasty as it sounds. The Books: July Afterlove by Tanya Byrne - At this point, it will be no surprise to see... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Vulture by Bex Hogan

"For a moment I stare up at what I've done. I killed them. Executed them. It takes a while to notice I'm trembling, breathing hard. But not from exertion. Not from guilt. From the rush of power. And the uncomfortable realisation that I enjoyed it!" Yes, it has been a long time since I read... Continue Reading →

ThursTag: The Pride Flag Book Tag

Happy ThursTag! Today I'm sharing the Pride Flag Book Tag which I saw on Paperbacks and Planners blog, but it was created by Common Spence on Youtube so be sure to check out both their posts. Red (Life) - A book with a spirited protagonist totally proud of who they are. Someone who gives you... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday : A Rainbow of Books

Hello, happy Sunday and happy Pride month! This month's #SixforSunday theme is Rainbows Make the World Brighter, celebrating all books LGBTQIA+ for Pride month. Today we're starting the month off by sharing a rainbow of books. These books are all from my TBR, apart from the green book because I have no LGBTQIA+ books with... Continue Reading →

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