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Coffee and… The Way Back February

Join me in a coffee whilst I reflect on another month of following along with Melinda Salisbury's The Way Back Almanac. The Coffee: This week, we're drinking another Steampunk delight: the Columbian chaparral with tasting notes of orange, bramble, vanilla and marshmallow. Perfect for the snowy cold weather we have currently! The Way Back: Yes,... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour: A Books with the Boy Review of Do Babies Wear Pyjamas by Fransie Frandsen

Today, S and I are joining forces to share a joint review of Do Babies Wear Pyjamas? by Fransie Frandsen. About the Book Mummy worries about pyjamas. Daddy’s ears are full of soap. And Mummy’s sister shouts out recipes with bananas. But what about Baby T? Join Alexander in his latest colourful quest to find... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… A Bookish February

Another month has passed and I've read a lot more books. Join me in a coffee whilst I share this month's reading? The Coffee: This week, we're drinking another Steampunk coffee. The Chinese Banka has tasting notes honey, crème brûlée and vanilla bean. It's a lovely light and perfectly sweet coffee. We're supposed to be... Continue Reading →

Bitesize Book Reviews

It's another Tuesday, and time to share some more bitesize book reviews. This time, I'm sharing three books I read and loved last year: The Red Dress by Kristin Lambert, The Girl with No Soul by Morgan Owen, and Gay Club by Simon James Green. The Boy in the Red Dress by Kristin Lambert This... Continue Reading →

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