Book Review: The Edge of the Ocean by L.D Lapinski

""I don't know how to help him," Flick said. "What do you do when someone's had a shock like that?" "I don't know either," Avery said. "Nothing like that has ever happened to me. In fact, I had so little childhood trauma that I've been forced to develop a personality instead."" After reading The Strangeworlds... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas

"You're gonna do whatever you have to do, Maverick," she says. "That's what being a parent means. Your child is now your responsibility. You'll be changing his diapers. You'll be feeding him. You'll be dealing with him in the middle of the night. You-" "Had my whole life turned upside down, and she don't care."... Continue Reading →

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