Books with the Boy: Dragon Legend by Katie and Kevin Tsang

Mum Note: There are spoilers all over S's review. If you don't want to see them, I'd suggest avoiding reading this. He's small, excited, and can't hold his own water, never mind a secret. Hello everybody and today I am sharing my review of Dragon Legend by Katie and Kevin Tsang which my mum got... Continue Reading →

Books with the Boy: Albert Upside Down by Ian Brown and Eoin Clarke

Hello everybody and today I am sharing mine and mum's reviews of the book Albert Upside Down which was sent to us by the publishers (Graffeg) for a review. About the Book: Albert the pet tortoise has a problem: trying to reach a tasty treat, he has ended up on his shell, upside down and... Continue Reading →

ThursTag: The Dragon Mountain Book Tag

It's Thursday, and I am ready for the weekend. Today, I'm sharing my answers to S's Dragon Mountain Book Tag. 1. Dragon Mountain features some special Dragons. What is your favourite fictional creature and why? My favourite fictional creature is definitely a dragon, especially dragons that can breathe fire. They're my favourite fictional creatures because... Continue Reading →

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