Books with the Boy: Facing Your Fears with Katie and Kevin Tsang at the Edinburgh Book Festival

Hello everyone. Today I am going to be talking about going to Edinburgh to the book festival to see Katie and Kevin Tsang and baby Evie talking about the Sam Wu books on the 24th Sugust. I am a big fan of Sam Wu and I went dressed up as Sam Wu to the book... Continue Reading →

NYA Lit Fest Wrap -Up

This is my third time attending Northern YA Lit Fest (the first happened in March last year, followed by the Supernatural and Fantastical in YA last July). This was by far the best of the three, although I could have lived without the 5am start and train delays at the end! I really loved the fact... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… NYA Lit Fest

There's an exciting book event coming up soon in the North! Join me in a coffee whilst I give you all the details? The Coffee: This week I'm drinking a Costa Rican coffee from Square Mile Coffee Roasters. It is called Sumava Lourdes and has tasting notes of grape, muscovado and fig. I don't really... Continue Reading →

My YALC Haul

Yesterday, I wrote about my experience at my first YALC. Today, I'm sharing my book haul. Disclaimer: I got a lot of books. Most of these are books I bought. I saved hard and I treated myself. I regret nothing (except not having more space on my book shelves, and having to carry them all... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… YALC

It's Wednesday. It's been aaaaaggggggeeeeesss since YALC happened. You've probably read 900 of these YALC round ups. Here's mine. The Coffee: This week I'm drinking another excellent Brazilian coffee: the Santa Ines from  Steampunk Coffee Roasters. It tastes good. YALC: I did wonder whether or not to do a write up of YALC. There are so... Continue Reading →

NYA Lit Fest – Part 2

Oh. My. What an event. It turns out that being a screaming fan-girl is hard work! Who knew? This was my first ever literature festival and I was completely star struck seeing some of my absolute favourites. Hazel and the team at UCLAN did an amazing job of putting this event together and I feel... Continue Reading →

NYA Lit Fest

Hi All! Today I'm going to share with you some exciting information about the Northern YA Literary Festival being held in Preston next month. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about a big literary event being held in the North, and close to where I grew up. The event is being... Continue Reading →

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